Brother Emmanuel Kubuya, our VGR Office Manager in the city of Goma, Democratic Republic Of Congo is a zealous missionary who often visits prisons, hospitals and refugee camps in Eastern Congo. Here is a recent testimony from one of his reports:

Brother Kubuya, from Goma, sent the following testimony with the pictures attached:

The doctors and every sick person at the General Hospital of Goma are really glad for the last service at the hospital.

Here is a striking testimony:

During the previous service, we found out a young teenager of 18 years old, you may see him on the pictures, who had caught the sickness of HIV/AIDS.

He had asked to be prayed for, saying that he believed that the God of our prophet William Branham is able to heal his sickness.

At the last service, when we saw him, he was going around the hall with tracts of the Message of the hour in his hands, he had hidden them in his hospital bed. He had a big smile on his lips, and he announced us that he was declared healed of his sickness according to the medical test. That very day, he was going to leave the hospital.

Our God is still working today.

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