An Old Message Book

We get a lot of emails here at VGR. The emails vary widely, from prayer requests, to encouraging words, to complaints, to testimonies, to requests for material; it seems that no email is the same. Then, there are some emails that encourage us that our labors are not in vain, like this one from a man in Zambia who found a Message book with our email address on the back.

Hi. My name is Benny. I am writing from the remote parts of Mazabuka in Zambia, Southern Africa. I picked up an old, torn and battered copy of The Spoken Word – “Perseverant” by Rev Branham. It changed my life. I don’t know the owner and I know whoever owned it could not have wanted to lose it. Who would have known such an old copy could have such an effect on me. I am thirsty for more of the spoken word. I will be happy to read free used copies as I cannot afford to buy them. My postal address is (his address), Lusaka Zambia.

It will gladden my heart if someone there would send me these golden sermons by Rev. Branham.

God Bless you.


Yes, Brother Benny. We would be happy to give you some more of those precious little books.