You never know who will listen. Sometimes it’s the last one you would expect, but everyone deserves the opportunity to hear the Message of the hour. We received this testimony from a sister in Canada whose husband took a chance and left a cassette tape in a company vehicle. His chance worked out just fine.

My husband hauls milk for his main job. There is a man named Mark there (at the company) that hasn't been there for very long. The bosses are shaking their heads about him. Most of the guys are kind of complaining about this or that about him.

My husband was on his way to work one morning about 2 or 3 AM, and as he was getting closer to town, he saw some guy running through a field waving his arms for help. My husband, Jason, stopped his car and it was that guy. Jason knew Mark would be driving that truck for a few days, so he felt led of God to leave a tape in the truck.

Then later on that guy phoned Jason. He said, “Hey Jason! You left a tape in the truck you know?” Jason said, “Oh yeah.” Mark said, “I listened to that. You got any more of those? I never heard nothing like that!”

So Jason just drove in and put a whole box of tapes in the truck he knew Mark would be driving. The first tape he had “accidentally on purpose” left was “God's provided way.”

It encouraged us to NEVER stop testifying!

Sister Rebekah

Alberta, Canada