A Loyal Helpmate

We received this testimony from a loyal helpmate who held fast to the Lord’s promises. As she dealt with the sickness of her husband, they found comfort in the Message and most importantly, they believed what they heard.

I pray that this testimony will bless the heart of someone trying to hold unto the Lord. In Jesus Name God’s Son I Pray. Amen.

Dear Brethren in the Lord. Before I start to testify, I want to tell something about Voice of God Recordings (VGR) and the prophet. In the message, “I Know my Redeemer Liveth,’’ our prophet said, “We want to draw this first in our minds, that there is not one thing that can destroy us until the purpose of He Who created us has been fulfilled. There could be nothing.” My Brothers and sisters, I truly believe that God has a purpose for me and for you. I have this same belief that God had, and still has, a great purpose for providing us with VGR. I have been clenching on testimonies posted on the website because they are clear evidences that the prophet may have gone, on but Malachi 4 still lives on. So all the products of VGR, I believe, have a backing of God because we are connected to the Lord through the Voice of the prophet of God.

My family and I worship in a Message church in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. In Aug. 2007 God found us, and since then, my husband left his Catholic denomination and I left the Presbyterian, and we both dedicated our lives to believing in the Message God sent through His prophet. Before then life seemed to be smooth and joyful. But after this dedication our family started hopping from one problem to the other. Sicknesses set in the home, but brethren, God has been faithful.

In 2008 my husband (Collins) started losing weight at a very fast rate. He could lose 5kg in a week. We called upon our faithful pastor and he prayed for us. Alongside the weight loss, his sight started failing. Brethren, only God could explain the experience. He could not see, no matter how big signs posted on the roadside were. New in the experience of the messages, we resorted to listening the messages and believing what God did in the days the prophet was on earth, He will do it again for us. After a few months of suffering, God visited us and my husband was well again. He put down his glasses and could see again.

That experience was a welcome message of the Lord for as the prophet always says, Faith goes always with experiencing God. We started ordering the Message books from the VGR European office and listening to the MP3 CDs.

It was Dec 2011 that my husband again started losing weight. This time the weight loss was tremendous. In three months he was not looking like himself anymore. He stopped weighing himself because all his trousers could only be worn with the aid of belts. Friends started murmuring, but we resorted back to the Lord. At this point my husband started asking, “Why am I sick again? Was I not healed the first time at all?” You know the enemy is the manipulator of the mind. As Brother Branham always says, these thoughts may stray through the mind but do not let them stray for that is the secret plan of the evil one, to hold one in unbelief. He also said one could be healed today and get sick tomorrow again. Oh my brothers and sisters, I thank God THAT THE HEALING OF THE SOUL IS ONCE AND FOR ALL THROUGH THE PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS.

Truly my husband was healed in 2008 and got sick again in 2011. This time the sickness was worse than ever. He became so thin and frail that I was scared. Being a young woman with a little daughter, I would have broken down to tears as I usually did before. But this time, the Lord had laid a different foundation in my heart. I refused to cry and started trusting God and laying my hand on my husband as often as I could. My husband often said if he is sick again, that means he lost his faith, but I believed different. I told him how the prophet said time and time again that if the body is healed and one lives long enough, the body can be sick again.

I received a Cub Corner magazine for my daughter. Since she can’t read as yet, I always read it for her. While reading I came across a testimony of the Jesus Check, how a little boy signed one for his healing and was healed immediately. I quickly ordered the check booklet with the signed blood of Jesus and co-signed one for the healing of my husband. I then placed it in my Bible and we kept on believing in the Lord.

The sickness persisted till April 2012. With so much ill feeling, my husband found solace in listening to the prophet. He could lie on his side for days listening to the healing Word so much that the one side of his body became dark and started peeling off. That did not stop him. He hung on and listened to a number of messages every day. He also wore a prayer cloth all the time, even up till now. It was ending of May when he told me he still felt somewhat ill, but I already starting thanking and praising God for his healing for he started gaining some weight.

The doctors told us that diabetes comes with lung, heart, and liver failure. What a terrible message it was for us but we held on to the Lord. My husband became sicker and sicker, but there was no internal organ failure. Praise the Lord. For the prophet said it may not be an instant miracle but if you say to the mountain be ye moved, and believe in your heart, a significant piece of ground may move and subsequently the whole mountain will move.

We began thanking God for His healing and gradually he started gaining more weight. Praise be to God almighty. God is always on time if we will only stand still for Him.

In June 2012 the pastor started a series of Sundays to preach on possessing the gate of the enemy. I said yes that message is for me and my family. Each time we left service, we just claimed daddy’s healing from the enemy and praised the Lord for it. The weight gain became apparent and we all could see that truly the risen Lord has possessed this gate for us.

On July 2, 2012 my husband called me and told me that it is time for us to tell the whole world that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He put down his glasses and could see again. What a mighty God we serve.

My brothers and sisters, I can say I came out of the other side of the tunnel a different person. When I accepted the Message. I love the Lord and do my best to serve Him. But now my beloved, I do not only love Him but I live for Him. He has revealed Himself in me so much so that the Word of the prophet comes alive in my heart. I will never exchange that for nothing. When trying times came, my dear brothers and sister, we just have to run to the Lord and hold fast, for that is a time when the Lord wants to speak to you, to show you Himself so that you can draw closer to Him. As Brother Branham talked of the mother eagle spreading her wings to show her chicks, so does the Lord to us.

My family and I are thankful most especially to God and then to VGR for providing the Bride with God’s materials. We love you and we are praying for you.


Sister Edith and family

Amsterdam Netherlands

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