Heavens And Earth Shall Pass Away

Up here near Chicago now, and a--a Bible lays on a pulpit of a church. Way back before the First World War, a missionary had it and a fellow was converted, and he wanted to give the missionary his Bible, said, "I can't give you this one, my mother had give me this one." Said, "I, when I get home, I'll send you one."

He started back across the sea and a German submarine blowed the--the ship up. They never found a piece of it. And two years later, way down on the coast, they seen a box floating. Some of them thought it might be something that drowned, so they got the box out and opened it up, two fellows walking along. And in there, the only thing that survived it, there was that Bible he was sending back to the missionary. It lays on a pulpit here near Chicago today, in a Methodist church. "Heavens and earth shall pass away, but My Word shall not pass away."

61-0108 Revelation Chapter Four #3

On the first of April, 2012, after the Sunday morning/afternoon church service, I boarded a minibus on my way back home when an accident occurred. The diesel tank of an empty Mack trailer ahead of our bus fell off onto the road and was sliding towards our oncoming bus as the trailer driver was trying to dodge it. Since the diesel tank shifted to our bus lane, the bus driver was also trying to avoid the tank but couldn't, so the bus climbed on top of the fallen tank and the backside of the bus was lifted up by the tank.

The driver was struggling with the tank, which was almost tumbling over, but the tank held it. Everything including the seats scattered with our Bibles, luggage, etc. I was trying to search for my Scofield (VOG) Bible, songbook, and three sermon books when I realized that there was no time to do that, and the bus could bust into flames. So we all rushed out of the bus successfully, then in two minutes time, the bus went into flames. I was shouting and saying my Bible will not burn. However, the bus burned for a very long time to ashes. I had to leave the scene.

I called a brother to tell him what had happened. He went to the accident scene later when the bus had stopped burning and picked the remains of my Scofield Bible with unburned pictures of Hofmann Head of Christ, Pillar of Fire picture, and Brother Branham's written statement on the fly leaf. He said everything in the bus was burnt to ashes except the remains of my Bible, though the jacket and edges around were burnt.

A few pictures of the remains of the Bible is attached herewith. To me this is a vindication that the Message of the Hour is supernatural and still has power today.

Brother Timothy


Article posted in the Nigerian newspaper, LEADERSHIP, on April 2, 2012:

Tragedy was averted along Kubwa Expressway yesterday, when a 10 seater Kubwa bound Toyota Hiace bus caught fire around Gwarinpa.

The fire was said to have been caused by a fuel tank of another vehicle which had dropped on the road.

The incident caused panic around the area as many people ran away from the burning bus, just as other motorists parked at a safe distance on sighting the bus.

An eyewitness at the scene who preferred anonymity told our reporter that the fuel tank of an articulated truck moving towards Kubwa fell off the vehicle suddenly, causing it to stop abruptly and the bus which was following the truck closely climbed on the tank, igniting fire.

He however said all the passengers escaped unscathed from the bus before it was consumed by the fire.

Meanwhile, another vehicle, an SUV with registration number PEACE 708 was also involved in an accident at the same spot while trying to dodge the burning bus.

An eyewitness said the driver of the SUV on getting close to the burning bus made an attempt to dodge the bus but the vehicle swerved and fell in an open drainage by the road.

There was also no casualty in the accident.