Revival Within

We received this testimony as feedback from the article titled, “On The Wings Of A Dove,” posted on June 25.

Praise be to God! After reading this testimony, I felt that I needed an altar call for being a hypocrite and not believing in God's touch with all my heart, mind, and soul.

I struggled with my faith in God over the last few days and wondered if He was really still here. I started to think that I had missed the rapture and that I was alone, that He wasn't here anymore. But after reading this testimony of Sister Sharon's healing, I was so glad that He was still here with us and that I wasn't alone in the world. I listened to more of Brother Branham’s sermons, specifically the one: “Influence,” which at the end of the sermon when people started getting off of their beds and crutches and wheelchairs and started walking near the end of the healing service, I felt His great power flow through me and I made an altar call and asked our Great Lord to heal me. I confessed my sins and confessed my healing and accepted it and I am now healed. Satan will try to take away my faith and put doubt in my heart, but I asked God to take away any doubt and asked for His Holy Spirit to dwell in my soul with me. Just like He said in His Holy Word, “ye in me, and I in you.”

Now I know for sure that God is still here and He is still with us working His divine healing and power with His people, getting us ready for His coming. Hallelujah! Praise be to God!

Prayer is still very powerful and always will be.

If it wasn't for reading Sister Sharon's testimony I probably would still be wondering if He was still here. Thank you God for making me whole.

God bless you all,

Sister Melody

Saskatchewan, Canada