The Bible

I have to get this Scripture reading, because I want to read a Scripture every night, because I hope that you in your home, will read at least one chapter in the Bible every day and pray. See? Always do that. That's the old-fashion Christian home, and God knows that we need more of that, more than we need atomic bombs, in America. That would be the best thing that we could have, was a fortress of God's love and power around us. It'd beat all atomic powers, don't you think so?

52-0713e God Testifying Of His Gifts

There's something about the reading of the Word that's eternal. Every Christian should read the Word every day, for Jesus said, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God."

And I wish to state this too: And remember, that every promise in this Bible is good, and it will hold tight, and God's guilty of His promise if you'll take the right mental attitude towards it, it'll bring it to pass. Every Divine promise in God's Word, if you can take the right mental attitude towards it, God will bring it to pass. Think of that.

57-0519a Hear Ye Him

We received this testimony from a sister in India who cherishes her VGR Bible. Not only does she love it, but she also uses it every day. She sent this testimony after reading the article posted on Aug 27, titled “Heavens And Earth Shall Pass Away.”

Christian salutations to the Bride,

I am a proud owner of the VGR Bible given to me three to four months back by an evangelist. Since handed to me, I treasure it because of its valuable contents of the Hoffman picture, Pillar of Fire picture, and the hand written prayer of Brother Branham, and the quotes of our prophet and related scriptures which we don't come across in other versions. This Bible is special to me. I continued my daily Scripture reading with it and having prayed over it of which many prayers were answered. Sometimes I hug This Bible or lay it near my pillow and go to sleep. After sending my husband and daughter to work and school, as usual I read my VGR Bible and pray.

On that day I kind of felt lazy to go to the Bible and decided to read it from the computer. After I finished, I browsed the VGR site where I found the above testimony. I was shocked and ashamed because I hadn’t read from it today. It stirred my heart. I thought what a blessing it would have been if I had handled the Bible today.

God has proven again that His Word will never fail. I purposed from then on to touch the Bible and read and pray, no matter how tired or lazy I felt.

Your sister in Christ,


Chennai, India