Solar Powered MP3 Players

VGR sends Brother Branham’s CDs around the world, reaching every area of the globe. Many of these CD packages go to some of the most remote and undeveloped places in the world. What do we do when there is no electricity for the MP3 player? We make our own electricity with solar panels and rechargeable batteries.

There are many undeveloped areas of Malawi, where there are large populations of Message believers scattered throughout tiny villages. Brother Saidi, VGR office manager in Blantyre, often travels to these areas to make sure the believers have a way to hear the prophet with their own ears by delivering solar-powered MP3 players and sets of CDs.

The package he delivers consists of a full set of Chichewa, Portuguese, or English CDs, set of Message books, an MP3 player, a solar panel, power inverter, and a deep cycle battery. Recently, we have been delivering a large, rechargeable, battery-powered speaker with a fully-loaded iPod that plugs directly into the speaker. This unit has much higher volume and is more durable than the CD player.

These are some pictures of a recent distribution trip into the rural areas of Malawi.

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