Healeth All Diseases

Does God use doctors? Yes. Does God use medicine? Yes. Does God perform miracles? Yes. He never told us exactly how He would heal us, but He did promise that He healed all our diseases (Psalm 103:3). We received this testimony from a brother in India who received his healing in a special way.

These few last days I was listening to the tapes Demonology (physical and religious realm). While listening to the sermon Brother Branham said that cancer was a devil, and at the end of the sermon, he prayed for those that were sick. I also raised my hand because my head was paining and was feeling bad. So I just trusted that God will heal after this.

After some days, the situation got worse. I was feeling very bad that I was thinking of taking medicine, but I thought, “I’ve just listened to the sermon and Brother Branham prayed for those that were sick, and no matter what will happen to me, I am going to believe for my healing anyhow.”

On the 15th of August, India has an independence day. A brother decided to hold a meeting in the evening. After the service the pastor prayed also for the sick. Still, my head was paining and getting worse. So something was telling me, “You're not getting better. You have to go to the hospital.”

I started losing my faith and listening to that voice, and started taking the medicine, even after listening to Brother Branham and my pastor at the meeting who prayed for the sick.

While taking the medicine, the situation was the same. It happened one day that I was going out and something stopped me and I heard a voice saying, “Can't you think that I’m able to heal you of that sickness?” Oh I really felt bad and went to pray and said, “Lord forgive me if I lost my faith, but from now, I’ll believe it and not take the medicine.”

Oh brothers and sisters, you won’t believe it but after that, I started recovering till now, I’m better.

Never doubt for your healing, just claim it because He has made a promise saying, “I am the Lord your God who healeth all your diseases.”

Amen God bless you

Your Brother in Christ,