Just A Few More Words

We released 15 newly found recordings a couple months ago. There are a few brand new sermons, along with never-heard audio of prayer lines.

We received this testimony from a Canadian brother who lost his cherished new set of CDs, but the Lord preserved them for him.

I was so happy to receive the “JUST A FEW MORE WORDS” brochure. As soon as I knew they were available, my heart was overjoyed and I ordered the package right away! I was blessed by these words that I never heard before.

I was helping a farmer next to where I live to haul his grain in from the fields. When I was driving the tractor through the field with a load of grain, the hitch broke on the grain cart, sending it plummeting into the ground, and ripping the hydraulic hoses off. This dumped all the grain on the ground.

After telling the farmer what had happened, he told me to haul with a different tractor and cart. Just before dusk I came back with the grain vacuum and started to vacuum the grain. The other workers got in the tractor I was in and pulled the grain cart out of the hole, and started to recover it.

After I was done with the vac, I went over to the tractor I was driving to get my stuff. My Just A Few More Words CD's were on the floor, and the case was crushed. They were full of straw and dirt, and my heart sank. I felt sick.

I asked the other workers what had happened, and they said we must of knocked them out of the tractor and ran them over! I went home with my head hanging. My wife asked what was wrong, and I said, “Look at my new CDs.” She comforted me, saying it would be okay. I kinda didn't think so.

I took them out one by one, and cleaned them up. Not a scratch! There were creases in the plastic cases where the hole was on the CDs. The case was flat. 15 CDs ran over by 15-ton of tractor! God never ceases to amaze me!

I Went back the next day to farmers and testified showed them the CDs. The worker swore and said, “I’m sure I ran them over.” I said, “But not one was scratched!” Brother Branham gave us a few more words and whole lot more miracles!

Thank you and God bless!

Brother Jason

Innisfail, Alberta, Canada