Progress On The Malawi Office

Progress continues on the new VGR office in Malawi. We have the brick finished on the outside, the roof on, and we are starting with the rooms inside. As you will read from Brother Saidi’s report, if the Lord comes today, the new office has already served a great purpose.

Sometime in the last year, we decided to build a concrete water tank at the construction site. We usually experience water interruptions in Blantyre city and this water reservoir would ensure that work at the site would go on without being disturbed.

True to the Words of the prophet, Brother William Branham, “God's ways are past finding...” The water reservoir would soon serve Divine purposes.

Each time we brought workers to work at our site, we would tell them about the purpose the building would serve after completion, to distribute Spiritual Food in due season.

We would advise the workers never to smoke or drink when at our premises. This made them to get anxious and would want to know why the site was so peculiar. After being witnessed to, many have accepted the Message and have been baptized. Guess what we are using for the baptism: the concrete water reservoir!

We are now doing plastering work and a new crew came to seek employment. The same instructions were applied, and same results have started to manifest.

Already since the plaster work started, three souls have been baptized in the VGR construction site water reservoir, bringing the total to 10 souls since the water reservoir was built.

Praise the Lord! God in Heaven is signifying by what is happening that He is pleased with the construction of a storehouse in Malawi.

One of the brothers that was baptized was practicing witchcraft, and he brought forward his charms and assorted items that he was using, having inherited from his grandfather. These were burnt in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our brother is now a free person, blessed be His Holy Name.

This Message is a reality.

God should bless Brother Joseph Branham, VGR, and all that support the work for their love and sacrifice, a lot is being achieved in Malawi through this effort.

God bless you all.

Brother Saidi

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