Brazil Open House

It’s an exciting time in Brazil! First of all, our new VGR office is now open and ready for business. Churches from throughout the country pulled together to purchase and renovate the beautiful new property. The new property has a courtyard, reception area, offices, video room, state-of –the-art recording studio, and large Message storehouse that is dedicated to serving the Brazilian believers.

A few weeks ago, more than 240 Brazilian ministers came together at a nearby meeting hall to hear about the worldwide work at VGR and then took a tour of their new VGR office. One of the brothers said, “This was a great meeting of unity amongst the brothers, and there hasn’t been a meeting like this before in Brazil.”

Along with the new office, we have big plans for distributing the Message in the Portuguese language. We recently released a Portuguese version of The Table, which gives believers the ability to search the Message in both Portuguese and English. With the new, more efficient facility, we are looking forwarded to quickly adding to the already-translated sermons. We are also translating the Cub Corner and CTV magazines, as well as weekly Good News articles on this website. For the missionary work, we gave a demonstration of our new battery-powered speaker system that comes complete with an iPod loaded with all the Portuguese sermons. This new device will be used in the darkest regions of the Amazon.