Report From Namibia

In today’s modern age, it’s almost hard to imagine missionaries still going out into tiny villages with no running water, electricity, or motorized vehicles. But they’re still doing it!

The following is a report from our Namibia office with an update about Brother Curt Mouton, an active missionary that regularly goes into the jungle to spread the Gospel.

Shalom dear brothers!

Here are some few pictures of the last missionary trip last week at the North Omuthiya, Cassablanca, sponsored Brother Pastor David Smith. The Donga tribe is one of the major tribes among the Oshiwambo people. The church started under the tree and is now growing. Nine people took their baptism two weeks ago. The Lord used our beloved Sister Ilenimo to open the Message door in that village. Pastor Smith and Brother Mario did recently supply them with some few chairs. Voice of God Lending Library has also sent them a player and equipment.

God bless you.

Brother Cleopas

Voice Of God Recordings, Namibia