The Prayer Of Faith

We received this testimony from a sister in Australia.

I have always come to this page to read testimonies from other saints and always thought one day I would like an opportunity to share one. They are so uplifting and I hope that this one will uplift others too.

A couple of days ago my 23-month old daughter woke up lethargic and couldn't hold her head up at times. I thought this was unusual, and a few minutes later she started vomiting. I took her straight to the hospital where they couldn't seem to find a reason why this was so. My husband came to the hospital from work, and we called our pastor who asked my husband to lay his hands on the child as they prayed over the phone. As the morning progressed she seemed to get worse, hardly taking any fluids, let alone food, so they decided to put a tube in so she could be hydrated via a drip. We were then advised that she would be admitted and would most likely spend the night. We definitely didn't want to spend the night, so we kept holding onto the faith that something had to give and we would go home that night.

By 6pm we were transferred to the ward were she was now supposed to be fed via a tube in her nose as the tube in her arm had not worked and she pulled it out. The nurse attending to us said she would like us to try some drinks again before they put a feeding tube down her nose.

She still was lethargic and mostly sleeping. Our pastor came back with his wife as we got to the kids’ ward. He prayed for the drinks before she drank them and this is when we saw the Hand of the Lord. I have never seen the lame walk or the blind have their eyes open, but now I can definitely say I have seen a miracle unfold before my eyes.

She just drank those fluids hassle free and immediately started playing and jumping all over the place the way toddlers do. She was back to her usual self.

Earlier on we had tried to give her Coca-Cola just so she can have fluids, and she vomited. But after the pastor prayed for it, she drank all of it. She started looking for food and ate, no vomiting.

We told the medical staff who were very reluctant to let us go home as they were worried that she might start vomiting again or get sick. We insisted on going home all the same but they kept reminding us that if we left, we had to sign a form saying we were discharging ourselves against medical advice. This is when the enemy started whispering in my ear, “what if you are being to stubborn? After all she is healed. Just stay the night. It won’t make a difference. At the same time I heard another voice saying, “But she is healed. There is no need to stay.”

At this point we had other saints who had come to visit in the room, and I just asked one of the sisters, “If it was you what would you do?” She said, “Go home.” That was it. We left the hospital after signing all the papers with a warning from the medical staff that, “In case anything happens, bring her straight back.” I told myself, our God is not a God of “in case,” He is sure of what He is doing.

We have had no problem with her since, and you would never believe that a few days ago she was in hospital. The drip did not work, the tube was never put in, she was never medicated. She just drank fluids she would have any other day. This showed me that God wanted to prove it wasn't any medicine that healed her, just His mighty Hand. All praise to His Name.

That night I started feeling unwell with stomach pains. I went to sleep anyhow and didn’t pay attention to them. I woke up at 5am with the same pains, and instead I started thinking how I would like to share this testimony on the www.branham.org website. I started thinking about how I would word it, and by the time I got to the end, the pains had gone and I fell back to sleep. The devil is continually trying to throw curve balls our way but we have the Captain of Hosts on our sides!

God bless you all,

Sister Esther,