Across The Airwaves

We received this testimony from Brother Davison Mwanza: pastor, missionary, and VGR librarian.

Warm and tender greetings in the Wonderful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Last week I had requested on the website for prayer requests, to remember the radio program that I was to launch on the community radio here at Isoka, Zambia. On Saturday evening at the time I was given to air the Message, there no electricity for almost three hours. On Sunday morning I had to call the manager of the FM community radio station to give me time that day. He said 18:00 hours in the evening would be given for my program. I thanked the Lord for that.

When I went to the studio, I introduced the prophet, I said “Good evening listeners, this evening we are going to listen to the Message preached by Rev. William Marrion Branham, please listen attentively God bless you.” Then the prophet’s Voice started going out to hundreds of people for the first time, reaching as far as Malawi and Tanzania. We were feeding on the Message “Demonology In Physical Realm.” (Bemba translated) I felt such a quiet peaceful atmosphere in that studio, His Presence.

After one hour which I paid for. I asked for an open line to the public, allowing them to say a word or so in response to the Message. Their was an overwhelming response in that I received calls every second. The first one that called thanked very, very much for the Message, then there was call after call of thanksgiving. Others begged that this Message must continue to be broadcasted, as they are so much blessed.

One caller identified himself calling from Malawi, even as the number showed on the screen. He said he enjoyed the Message very much. I promised them that I would continue with this radio program every Sunday at the same time, and that next week we will continue with the same Message. My heart is filled with joy unspeakable and full of glory, our labors and toils for this Message to reach others is not in vain.

Sunday night after leaving the studio, it seemed as if I was in heaven. This is fulfilling the vision the prophet had for Africa. I have already paid for next Sunday service. I also announced on the radio, we have a Voice of God Lending Library located at such and such place and have over a thousand sermons in stock, and that everyone of you is most welcome to borrow the Message in book and audio, and membership is free.

On Monday, the 29th October 2012, when we opened the Library in the morning. A man came with a smile on his face, thanking us for the Message broadcasted last night, he said he had enjoyed the Message very, very much and had come to borrow the Message on the CD translated. He said please continue broadcasting this Message.

I thank all the Saints that prayed for this request. God richly bless you.

I remain your brother in Christ,

Davison Mwanza