Prayer Request

One of the strongest typhoons to hit the Philippines in years barreled across the country's south early this morning, already killing 40 people and forcing more than 50,000 to flee from flooded villages. Typhoon Bopha then slammed into densely populated Mindanao head-on with 175mph winds and torrential rains. It’s the most powerful storm to hit this city in decades.

Tropical Storm Washi struck this area in 2011, sweeping away entire villages and killing 1,200 people. Bopha is a massive hurricane with winds far exceeding those of Washi. Flooding is already severe, and the high winds are preventing rescue crews from coming to the aid of those in need. As the local rivers continue to rise, more and more villages and urban areas will be flooded.

Brother Jeremiah Villagracia, VGR office manager in Manila, is in touch with believers in that area and has not received any reports of injuries or deaths. He will continue to contact believers as the storm passes. Please pray for our Filipino brothers and sisters in this difficult time.

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