We received this testimony from a brother on the African island of Zanzibar.

We are indeed grateful and count it a privilege to preach the Word of God here on the island of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar is a small island on the Indian Ocean, just off the Tanzanian mainland. It is around 95% Muslim and this makes it an extremely difficult and sometimes dangerous place to openly practice the Christian Faith. Muslims generally consider any non-Muslim as an infidel. We are currently going through very trying times as Christians in general because there appears to be a concerted drive to persecute and drive Christians off the island and leave it purely Islamic.

In July 2012 , there were widespread riots on the island which seemed initially to have had a political agenda but to our surprise the “protesters” then targeted Christians with stones and set fire to several church buildings, causing in some cases very extensive damage. This time the Pentecostal and the Roman Catholic churches were especially targeted. We felt like we were in our “Goshen,” being shielded from danger by the mighty Hand of God. Not a single believer reported falling victim to these attacks.

In spite of all the persecution, we are continuing to preach the Word of God with much joy. We started off preaching the Word under a tree by the seashore, where we would also conduct our baptismal services. We never faced any opposition until God provided us a small rented room that we are currently using for our services. The group has grown steadily and we no longer can fit everyone in the room which is a testimony that God is still calling His own into the fold.


We are so humbled by how mightily the Spirit of God has been moving among us in performing miracles, which has seen individuals giving their lives to the Lord. I will just relate a few of them here.

Recently a five-year-old child died. The parents were practicing Lutherans. The mother, who knew of our fellowship, brought the dead baby to church to be prayed for. She believed that God would bring her son back to life. I felt compelled to see the parents. I invited a brother to accompany me. When we reached the place, there was a crowd that was fast gathering. Many were sorrowful and weeping. Some remarked that they were happy that we had come.

I asked the parents if they believed that what the Bible said was true and they affirmed this. I read a portion from the Scriptures, took the baby in my arms and thanked the Lord for His Word which is true. I returned the baby to its mother and within a few minutes the little boy was alive, well and running around. The crowd were amazed and some screamed. Not even the increasing hostility towards Christians will hinder the preaching of the Gospel of Christ. The Message which was revealed to Brother Branham is quick and powerful, even to the pulling down of strongholds.

I will share one more testimony of an incident, which up to now still surprises me of how God moves to fulfill His will in our lives. There is a brother here who was among the first I testified the Message to when I arrived on the island. He had accepted the Message but somehow felt he did not need to be baptized over in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ since he had come from among the Free Pentecostals where he had been baptized.

He started testifying to others and came along to witness some of the converts being baptized, but still did not come in for baptism himself. On our way home afterwards, a perfect stranger, a tall man, crossed the road and started walking along with us. He started talking to the brother, convincing him that what I had testified to him about baptism was indeed true and he should believe it and be baptized. He then proceeded ahead of us. Soon afterwards the brother took the Name of the Lord in baptism.

Months later he came to me and asked who the man who he had spoken to was and where he fellowshipped since he did not attend church with us. It was then that it dawned on me that I had no clue where the man had come from or gone, neither had we even asked who he was. As far as I know we are the only Message fellowship on this island, and we have never seen the man since. I am convinced that there was more to this man than we can ever explain.

Please continue to pray for us and for all the believers who are serving God in the Islamic countries.

Brother Godwin


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