Quiet Time

We received this testimony from a brother in Russia who is faithful with his Quiet Time. As he goes to his knees or opens his Bible, he remembers that there are other believers in faraway lands doing the same thing, under the same sky, and worshipping the same God.

Dear Brother Joseph and VGR,

In our home we continue on to observe all things that were spoken through Brother Branham. His life is the pattern for us, his words are the absolute. Recently, when we were listening one of his Messages on the mp3, my daughter said that Brother Branham is not here with us anymore, but we still have his voice. Thank you for making possible for us to listen his voice.

We love the Quiet Time on Saturdays (it starts at 5 P.M. at our time zone). Though we live thousands kilometers apart, yet the distance counts very little as we can unite together in prayer. Right now, at this very moment, the skies are clear, and the sun is shining down through the window in the room where we are in prayer. Just think, the same sun is shining down to the believers somewhere at Africa at this same Quiet Time.

God bless you richly in your work and in all your deeds!

Greetings to you from our family and from our home church.

Brother Sergey,