We received this testimony from a sister in Venezuela.

When I look at the people in my city I think about how fortunate and blessed I am to know the God that created heavens and earth. The One who quiets the storms and made everything. Even more, that He is mindful of my cry and answers my prayer. What else could I ask for? This is the reason why I can smile today and tell about His blessings with much joy for all the things that my sweet Lord has granted me.

My testimony started when I went to the doctor for a periodical examination. The doctor found a small growth in my right breast. I was referred to a specialist who confirmed the presence of two growths (one solid and the other in liquid state). A few days after this, they performed two needle biopsies to determine the nature of these cysts. They said they had to extract these growths regardless of the tests results.

The battlefield was on my mind at that moment. The symptoms started increasing and this took me to a terrible nervous condition. I could hardly get some sleep at nights. Negative thoughts and thousands of questions flooded my mind. These thoughts hindered my faith and I could feel how my spiritual balance was lost. Even the small things and little symptoms became like giants and I was feeling lost. Those were terrible days fighting a cruel battle. I used to get up very early in the morning and pray to the Lord asking for my healing. I started claiming the healing He paid for me in the cross of Calvary.

Then, one Sunday morning during the service, while I was listening to Brother Branham on the tape, I felt a shaking in my heart and felt the sweet Spirit of God coming on me. I stopped reading the sermon book and closed my eyes, only listening to the sermon as it played. It was then that I heard the Voice of God saying:

“…Now if the Holy Spirit, Christ in here and in you, will reveal what you're standing here for, or something about you, would you feel enthused like that woman did that day? [The sister says, "Amen."--Ed.] Now what you're here for is prayer, and prayer is for a condition in your breast. That's right. If that's true, raise up your hand. Now you believe God can tell me which breast it is? It's the right breast. That's right.”

64-0304 Sirs, We Would See Jesus

Oh, my brothers, when I heard the prophet say that…I lifted my hands and cried before His Presence. I knew it was all over and thanked Him with everything within me for His Divine mercy and grace.

Days after that, I went to see the specialist to get the tests results. These were “negative” (their jargon for innocuous). When I later took some other ultrasound tests, the specialist could only find small traces of one of the growths. The doctor was amazed and said he could not find anything of relevance. This gave me the chance to testify to him about the greatness of my Saviour.

I hope this testimony can serve as a help for the Bride of Christ and may His Name be glorified. It is just glorious to know that those tapes are alive and that the anointing of the Holy Spirit is in that voice.

Hebrews 13:8

Sister Eukary