The Mailman

“The Mexican people are very simple, humble believers, and once convinced... They're Catholic, and once convinced that a truth is the truth, then that settles it for all.”

This quote from Brother Branham sums it up for Brother Juan Bibiano, VGR distributor in Central Mexico.

In his early life, he worked as a mailman for the Mexican Postal Service. He retired from his job, and in 1987, he was promoted to delivering packages of Eternal Life for the Lord Jesus. As our distributor, he worked for over 20 years, traveling thousands of miles across the roads of Central Mexico, delivering Brother Branham’s books and tapes to God’s Predestinated Seed.

He originally found the Message while in the Catholic Church. The priest was a personal friend, and seeing Brother Juan’s new-found passion, let him preach to the congregation. Eventually, the priest said he couldn’t continue bringing this doctrine. Brother Juan humbly consented, and found his own pulpit where he pastored a church until the Lord called him home this past Saturday.

Our loyal friend and coworker will be missed by his wife, son, four daughters, his church congregation, and also those who saw his smiling face when the mailman made his deliveries. He truly was one of the great warriors of Mexico.