Faith Is Faith

We received this testimony from a sister in Brazil.

The Word cannot fail! I am witness of the healing of my stomach, when for three days I could not even drink milk, and the doctor said it was gastritis and inflammation. He prescribed me the medication he considered more effective for my pain, still did not solve the problem.

On the third day in the evening, I had no more strength and needed to take care of my daughter, she was a baby. I was listening to Brother Branham praying and knelt, and was praying and crying, very hungry. I remember feeling as if cold water had fallen inside me and I was so light. I ran into the kitchen and made a soup with meat and potatoes, which I really like. I ate very much, crying and praising Him for the miracle, and to this day, I have a blessed stomach. I can eat what I want.

When the doctor, after a week, saw my exam, he said he did not understand the reason of my pain because my stomach was as clean as a baby. And then I testified of my healing. He told me, “faith is faith.”

It's been eight years. And the day before yesterday we saw that the same Almighty God continues to work so alive in our midst. We were finishing our worship, and the message was “The Identified Masterpiece of God.” What a prayer that the prophet, Brother Branham, did for us! I was delivered from the oppression that the enemy had placed in me by evil thoughts. Glory to God, this wonderful peace that only He could give me.

Beside us, Brother Eujasson, over eighty years old, was healed of his leg. He left and went home praising God, walking normally. That leg he used to drag is perfect! To Our God there is no age, size and condition. He is the Mighty God and that is all! Only He is! Amen. Thank you for sharing these gems, Brother Joseph and The Voice of God Recordings. You are a great blessing to me! God bless you.

Sister Raquel