The Same Yesterday, Today, And Forever

I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life. He has proved to me that He is still the same, yesterday, and today, and forever. I have been looking for a way to send this testimony but I had no success. I believe The Lord wanted it to happen on His time.

It was December 2009 when Bruno, my son, had very high fevers. So I decided to take him for medical analysis, where it was revealed to me that he had malaria. The doctor prescribed the medication and he started taking them but there was no recovery at all, he was getting worse. Then I got a call from a nurse when I was on my way to work, and she told me that the situation was out of hand.

By that time, the doctor decided to stop the medication and he sent us for other medical analysis because he suspected that the boy had TB. So at that time we needed his sputum to take has a sample and his mouth was very dry. Suddenly Bruno told me that he would like to use the toilet because he felt like vomiting, so I got the container and went with him. At that time my prayer was for him to cough out some sputum for analysis purpose, but he only spat a very darkish saliva which I got for a sample instead.

So I went in the hospital with the sample and the results showed that he had TB. That tore my heart into pieces, because I could see how death was over my child. You could hear him breathing from the next room.

I then took him for an x-ray. It was there that we found out the boy was surviving with a single lung. The other was totally damaged, and even the very same one he was surviving with was also full of holes. When I got home, I was totally finished and desperate, looking at his eyes, he could not even look at you, he was totally disfigured and thin to a point you could count his ribs, his whole was yellow.

At that point of time I started crying without hope, and that was the time of the year the matriculation was suppose to start. Then I took the Spoken Word titled: Desperations (63-0901E)

There was a little boy, that was just told, come down from Chicago, a little Mrs... Is that woman, Peckinpaugh, Peck-... Mrs. Peckinpaugh from--from... She's a very fine Christian sister. And she brought somebody, a--a kid, way I understand it, a little boy or something, that--that the... the doctors didn't even know what was the matter with him. His lungs was so bad, or something, that--that they couldn't do... couldn't put him in school or something. He was very, very bad. And said, the Holy Spirit right after the Message, spoke to that little boy, and called him, told him his conditions and so forth, and pronounced his healing.

And this week he went, the mother or parents, or whoever it was, taken him back to the doctor, and the doctor said he had a new set of lungs, see, new set of lungs. And way I understand, that the--that the parents or somebody called a long distant call, or some way, to let it be known to the congregation. See? Now, God, the Creator, can make a set of lungs.

That was my situation. That was what my boy was going through. That inspired me to take the Spoken Word, and I read the whole paragraph 31 to Bruno, telling him what the prophet was talking about.

Then I asked him: “My son, do you believe that the very same God that has healed this boy can also heal you?”

He said: “Yes, I do believe.”

Then I took the Spoken Word, open to the same page we read, and put it on his bosom, and I told him: “Let's pray.”

I started praying, calling on the God of my prophet Branham, calling the God of my pastor Kamalandua, because my pastor has taught me that if I call on the God of Branham, believing, He will answer. So after the prayer, the boy started sweating terribly.

So the boy kept on taking the medication prescribed by the doctor for a week. I must confess that I just gave him the medication for the sake of it, but I knew that the boy was totally healed. After that he went for another x-ray, and to my surprise, he had two brand new lungs.

I was speechless. Joy filled my heart and I gave Him praises. What a joy to know that the God of William Branham is still alive and doing wondrous works. To Him be the Glory and the Honor for ever and ever. Amen

Sister Maria,