Elijah Has Already Come

Brother Andrew Alasa is the VGR office manager in Lagos, Nigeria, and oversees our work there. Here is a recent report from him concerning the Seven Seals and the gathering of the people to listen to the prophet.

We want to keep Brother Andrew’s enthusiasm as we continue with the 50-year Jubilee.


God does not play with words, as we are rightly taught by the Prophet Elijah for our day, Brother William Marrion Branham. What a blessing to listen to the prophet as he brings the revelation of the Seven Seals to us. It was indeed, the highlight of my life. Nothing can so warm, and excite a believer, as to see God unfold His Word to us.

I saw with great joy and delight, believers coming into church every day of the week, to join in the service to listen to the Prophet, while bringing the revelation of the Seven Seals. Taking the whole Book from God in Simplicity in the exact days, up to the revelation of the Seventh Seal on Sunday evening, while listening to Questions and Answers on Sunday morning, was a great blessing. The eagerness, the joy, the expectation and reverence, was simply awesome. Both old and young believers from all over the country rushed for the few copies of the Seven Seals book we had in the office. We soon ran out of stock. I saw young people listened with reverential attention to the prophet. Some of them, who told me that they were writing their school examinations during that week, would hasten back to church as soon as they finish the exam for each day. This was indeed the highlight of a believer’s Christian experience.

The events in the world today that we can classify into religion, politics, and the economy, became more revealing as we listened to God’s prophet strip the antichrist spirit before us by the Word. Oh, what a rider that innocent, subtle and harmless spirit was. What a blessing to see that “Eagle Anointing” reveal the rider’s name, as “death.” What an urgent call, to stay with “That Word” as revealed by the prophet. The consequences of adding to His Word, taking away from it, are very serious.

There is no need to look for new doctrines, or new lights, or some other interpretations or seek for new wisdom, “Elijah indeed, has already come.” He has revealed ALL the mysteries of God; He finished his work. The Book is now an opened Book, and is being made available to all who would want to listen or read It, as spoken by the Seventh Angel Messenger to us. We are not looking for another messenger to come. Thank God for finishing the mystery to His Church. He has sent us Elijah, and he has turned our hearts back to the Original Apostolic Faith. What a blessing to hear that Voice. God bless you.

Bro. Andrew