Too Busy?

We received this testimony as feedback from our article posted on April 1, titled “Too Busy.” It’s more of a thank you letter than a testimony, but we wanted to pass it along to believers around the world that are working together to get the end-time Message out. Our efforts are not in vain.

This is very encouraging. I am a student as well and we tend to think we are always “too” busy for anything but school work. I am very grateful for the branham.org website because it brings believers from all over the world together. There are no believers in my school and this website is my go-to place for encouragement. When I think I'm alone, there happens to be thousands of believers logging on to this website, sharing testimonies, and communicating.

Something else I truly appreciate about VGR is your use of technology. As a student, I can easily download the message from this site, upload it to my iPod and when I'm driving, or taking a lunch break or something, I can listen to any of the prophet's messages.

God help us all, we will not have any excuse why we did not utilize everything you, the VGR, have offered us. For FREE!!!

I now must run to my 2:30 pm class! :(



“Thank YOU, Sister Naomi, for using these resources to draw closer to the Lord Jesus.”