To Good Use

Over the years, Voice of God Recordings has distributed more than 160 million Message books in about 70 different languages. With the staggering number of books we print and ship, we never forget that each book coming off the press will be a blessing to someone, somewhere in the world. What does just one of these tens of millions of books mean to a believer?

We received this testimony from Brother Gordon Tutani, VGR Office Manager in Harare, Zimbabwe, about a brother who was given a Seals book by VGR many years ago. It looks like he put it to good use.

Brother Eber Marecha, a 65 year old brother in one of the Harare churches, Spoken Word ministries pastored by Brother Godwin Chitsinde, loves reading and listening to the Message of the prophet so much.

He has wonderful testimonies of miraculous survival from certain death before and after he was converted and he seems to realize that God’s protection on his life was just for him to believe this Message and testify about it.

After the week of the Seven Seals feast, he is still caught up in the seals. Over the years he reads the Spoken Word books by candle light. He has read his Bible more than seven times and his Seals book, which we gave him many years ago, he is now reading it for the ninth time.

He can tell you the page and the paragraph where the prophet says what.

He normally boasts in the Lord and says I read with two eyes instead of four (with specks) and he says he has black hair at 65.

He is an amazing brother.

Brother G.