Led Of The Spirit

There are testimonies that leave you in tears. There are others that leave you praising the Lord. Then, there are some that leaving scratching your head and saying, “wow.” This is one of those “wow” testimonies.

We received this testimony as feedback to the article posted on June 18, titled “How.”

I was so blessed to read of her faith and how she was so blessed in her walk of faith to find her lost ring. It reminds me too of a story when my wife and I had just been married. We had left church service one Saturday evening and drove an hour home. On the way home I stopped to buy some milk and then continued our way home.

That night we had a guest visiting us. The next morning, Sunday, we set off for a service again and on the way stopped for some gas. When we searched for the wallet, it was not where it was supposed to be? Puzzled I thought I must’ve left it back at the apartment and had it misplaced. So later on we went back to the apartment and looked everywhere for it with no success. Sadly it contained the only savings we had at the time and we needed it. That was Sunday, so I committed this in prayer with my wife and left it in the hands of our Lord.

Monday came and went, Tuesday came and went, and I just believed something had to happen all along. It just didn't seem right that it didn't show up? Tuesday evening my wife attended a Tupperware party down the road, and I thought I would go for a prayer walk with my boy on my shoulders, back down a farmer’s strawberry field. Walking to the end I was singing to myself and my boy, praising the Lord for the trial and wondering what was in it for us. How could this wallet have been lost? It was just weird?

So as I reached the field’s end about a quarter mile back I turned left and walked a ways and asked the Lord, “Should I walk up the center of the field, or continue along the back end to the corner, and walk up the side?” I felt Him lead me up the center. So I walked up the center to the front of the field, praising the Lord with my boy and I passed a grove of large Maple trees.

As I passed the Lord said in my heart, “Turn around and look towards the largest of the trees?” Puzzled I did as requested and as I looked down, I saw the wallet. This was so strange? I had never walked this field before. Puzzled and praising, I thanked the Lord for His promise fulfilled. Picking up the wallet I followed a chain of coins that had fallen out and scattered on the ground as they fell. Once I had made it back to the apartment I placed it all under a pot lid on the counter to surprise my wife when she returned home.

While I was waiting the sun had set. As I looked out the back kitchen window I saw some kids out on their bikes scouring the ground with their flashlights. I knew what they were looking for.

Talk about the Lord's timing. I'm not even going to try and figure it out. It was all there! I'm sure though that He wasn't far away standing there with His arms crossed smiling,or at least I'd like to think that one.

Lord bless you all!

Brother Steve