The Little Things

Our Lord Jesus is a loving Father. He cares for our health, our finances, and even our beloved little pets. This family’s pet bird flew out an open door, but the Lord brought him right back. It shows that He is mindful of the little things too.

We have a small budgie bird in our house, and we let him free to fly from his cage. He has been very dear to my son and wife for many years. Last Saturday, while I was working in the garage, our bird took his chance to fly out of the house as I went in. I tried my best to stop him and run after him without success. He just flew away very high in the sky.

We have a big lot with hundreds of tall trees about 50 feet high. I told my wife and son to come out and explain what happen. My wife and son tried their best to call for the bird to come back, making noise and listening for about 40 minutes. I said to my son William, “Do you believe that God can speak to the bird to have him to drop down to us so we can catch him?” He said yes. So I prayed, “God as You have done in the time of Noah in the ark, we ask that you speak to our bird so we can take him back in the house.

Within the next 15 minutes, my wife and son located him by noise in a very tall tree. I continue to pray and put a ladder on that tree to reach higher. We just keep praying in our heart, “Lord bring him down.”

Suddenly, after a couple of minutes, our budgie bird came down just near the top of the ladder. My son climbed slowly each step and stretched his hand out with expectation. Our bird jumped on his finger. My son grabbed is little feet and took him in his hand. Our prayer was answer.

How much more does He care for us His eaglet children, believing His Message?

May this be for His glory.


Quebec, Canada

Maybe the devil has caught you out somewhere, and give you a disease or some sickness, or you're backslid, or something like that, but remember He climbed the ramparts of glory and setting on high. His eye is on the sparrow , and I know He watches me.

He is from everlasting to everlasting God; He steps up and He watches you. He sees where you're at. He knows we're having this meeting tonight. He knows how concerned each one of us are about it. He knows your interest in Him. He knows your interest in the Kingdom. He knows where your heart is. So He watches over His Word.

And then, we notice when the little ship was just about ready to sink as she rode up and down in those tides. The mast pole had dropped; the sails were gone; the oars were broken. And there they was, the little ship water-logged and floating around out there in the sea. The devil said, "I will have them pretty soon."

But all of a sudden they looked, and here He come walking on the waters. Just in the darkest of time, then Jesus comes along.

55-0604 Jairus A Secret Believer