A few testimonies from our friends in Latin America.

I have a little testimony to share about the greatness of God. Friday morning, May 17, 2013, when I left home to take my wife to the hospital for a test, I began to hear a buzz in my left ear which quickly grew louder and louder till I could hear nothing else but the loud buzz. Upon arriving at the office to work, I asked the brothers to pray for me because I was not well. I have encouraged people of Brazil to hear God’s Voice and the first thing my ear was going deaf, getting worse and then could no longer hear. As I started working, getting some prayer cloths ready to be mailed out, I put on “God-Called Man” in the background, softly.
At lunch time I called my wife and only then I realized that during the preaching of the prophet, Brother William Branham, the spirit which wanted to make me go deaf, left. She was very cheerful on the other end of the line and began glorifying the Lord with such enthusiasm that I could hardly talk to her anymore. I am grateful that God sent the Voice to us.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified forever and ever.

Brother Vieira (VGR Distributor), Brazil

I'm happy with what God is doing with me and want to share my blessing.

I had problems in my life, and because of that, I usually questioned God. I am ashamed of that today, may He forgive me. I was anxious to know the motive of the events of my life, and compared myself to others, and it made me unhappy.

I had read the message, Marriage and Divorce several times, but I still did not understand my situation.

Two weeks ago, I began to ask God for a total deliverance of that weight I carried.

God, in His infinite love and rich mercy, opened my eyes and I began to see the wonders that He has done for me. In the service, we started hearing “Marriage and Divorce” and soon at the beginning of the Message I began to understand so clearly what God revealed to Brother Branham. Everything was so clear! How can I question my Creator? I only have to thank Him for choosing me and for giving me the True Word and let Him fulfill in me His Perfect Will.

I came from the service thinking about what I had understood, and in my heart I feared to be trying to interpret the Word. However, how wonderful, the next day at home listening to the message, “Why We Are Not a Denomination,” God confirmed everything I had understood!

I thank the Lord Jesus Christ from the depths of my heart, and with joy, I share my testimony.


My wife, Sister Sônia, she put a little flask of anointing oil upon the player that plays the messages of Brother Branham and she put some oil on her forehead and went to sleep. During the afternoon she saw coming out of her head a very large tumor and falling to the ground. Before this, she used to feel a great disturbance by any type of noise and after this, she does not feel anything.

Brother Teixeira, Brazil

I am happy to share my testimony and tell you what the Lord has done for me these days.

I was discouraged and sad and prayed to God to help me, because I felt a lot of sadness and happiness seemed to have run from me.

Then I started reading the message, Have I Not Sent Thee?

And I prayed to the Lord, because I could see how much God loves me. He took my distress and put peace and joy in my heart. Where I go or where I am, I can see His love and mercy, and my highlight of this message is:

“You want to see a miracle of God? Follow the Word of God.”

And I believe this Message with all my heart. I believe in the Lord Jesus, for He is the Word and the Word is in us.

God bless you.

Your sister in Christ.


Only He knows all of our diseases. I pray to the Lord for this brother. He is saying the same words I said when my wife was almost dying with stomach problems. I said, “Lord you know the desire of my heart that she can stay with me, but let Your will be done and I will still worship You as my only God.” I laid my hands on her and she was healed a moment after this. Thank you Lord for what You do for Your own people!


I am a believer in the Word spoken by the Voice of God on tape. The anointing is in the tapes. It’s like II Kings 13:21: The dead come back to life when listening to this Voice. Amen. God bless you! I am a believer that does not speak one word in English but when I hear that Voice, I am listening to THUS SAITH THE LORD and THAT IS MY ABSOLUTE.

Sonsonate, El Salvador

It really brings many memories of the time when I worked on Sundays too. In my case, it was my own business. When I got baptized about nine years ago, I only attended the Sunday afternoon service. The brothers had changed the morning service to the afternoon because I worked in my business, selling meat on Sunday morning. Some time after this, I had decided to close my shop on Wednesdays and Saturdays in the afternoon to attend the services. However, something in my heart kept on telling me that the Lord also wanted the Sunday morning services. Then, after years of struggle with this issue, I changed my business and I started selling chickens. In that moment I took the decision not to work on Sundays. Now we have been having Sunday morning services for two years. The Lord has blessed me greatly and has given me the victory over this. Thank the Lord for His grace and thank you for posting this article that brings to my mind the infallible love of the Lord for His Bride.

Brother Pablo, Formosa, Argentina