Be Thou Faithful

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare: helplessly watching your child pass away. This Brazilian brother did everything he could to help his son, then in the moment of desperation, called upon the Mighty God.

“Be thou faithful unto death.” He does not say be faithful until death, but unto death. You may have to seal your testimony with your blood. Thousands, yea millions, have died during all the ages. They died in the faith. Like Antipas, the faithful martyr, they held not their lives dear unto death. Often we think that it would be almost impossible to be a martyr. But dare to recall that the faith we daily use to triumph in Christ Jesus is the same faith that upholds the Polycarps and all martyrs. The supreme faith will give supreme grace for the supreme hour. Blessed be God forever!

An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages

Well this is the message given by our Prophet William Marrion Branham. But something happened inside my home that made me remember immediately this message.

We often find people praying without ceasing for something they want to receive in their lives, but what many do not know is that we just need to feel within our souls the true cry for mercy.

On May 26, 2013, we went to the Sunday school service and God spoke to our hearts when Pastor Orlando read the Book The Revelation of Jesus Christ… After the service, my aunt who is a nurse had some flu injections and was administering them in my nephews, and my son also took the injection. When we got home around 11 PM, my son got up feeling ill and went to the bathroom trying to vomit and I was studying at the computer and found strange the behavior of my son. After about five minutes, I realized that my son was vomiting so I ran to the bathroom and found him unable to breathe.

Not knowing what to do, I raised his hands and pressed his chest to see if breathing returned, so my son was able to breathe a little but vomited again was not able to breathe. At this moment he began to jump up and down in the bathroom widened his eyes in my direction and waved his hands asking for help, but I could not do anything. I was unable to help and saw that his face darkened and my human side left the scene. I hugged him from behind to see if I could make him breath again, but everything was in vain. Well, this is when God works. When I saw that I was really losing my boy, the following cry came out from the depths of my heart: LORD GOD HELP MY SON! This was not only a request, but it was the supreme faith that took its place, and immediately my son started breathing again. PRAISE JESUS CHRIST OUR GOD, and my heartfelt thanks to our Prophet William Marrion Branham for teaching us to LOVE Jesus Christ. AMEN.

Brother Mark David