His Special Way

The Lord has a special way of doing everything. Sometimes, we have it in our minds how we will handle the situation, but then the Lord takes over and it turns out better than we thought it would.

Sister Faith was talking with colleagues about the Word when the issue of a woman’s dress came up. She knew what the Scripture said, but she couldn’t remember where it was in the Bible. It was an easy one to look up, so she accessed the VGR website to use the online Table, but somehow, she could not find what she was looking for. It turns out that the Lord wanted His prophet to give the explanation this time.

Last week I was having lunch with my colleagues and we started talking about dressing. I told them that I do not wear trousers since I am a Christian. Then as we went on talking, I mentioned to them that when a man looks at a woman and lusts after her, he has committed adultery with her. They started arguing against it and even called me a fanatic, and they said that they would only believe if I gave them the verse from the Bible, saying that there was no way 4 people would be wrong and 1 right.

With so much confidence, I came and opened the search page from branham.org but I had problems searching and could not trace the verse at all. I got very disappointed because I had assured them that the Bible says so. While they were still waiting, I prayed in my heart and asked God to show me the verse.

Then I thought of calling a friend to ask, but before I did, I went back to the home page and to my surprise, it was the daily bread and there was an explanation by the prophet on the quote of the day. I did not even open the Bible, I just told them to read from the screen.

It is amazing how God defends His Word when we stand for Him. Thank you so much for the daily verse and quote that you tirelessly share every day.

Sis. Faith