The Little Things

Yes, you could say it wasn’t a big deal. Many of us have lost a small item, then retraced our steps to find it where it fell. The chances of locating something are probably pretty good when you know about where and when you lost it. But once you find it, do you give glory to chance, or do you give glory to God?

Brother Branham said, “I thank Him for everything, because all good things come from God.” This brother gives the glory exactly where it belongs: to GOD!

God bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ. I am so privileged to be in the Message and to see the Word revealed. I normally go through this website daily and am blessed with the many testimonies and I wish I could share all of mine. Reading about the little things God does really blesses me.

Little did I know I would write a similar testimony today. I packed my bike at the entrance of my work place. As I locked the bike I did not realized I dropped the key. As I was leaving in the evening, I noticed the key was not in the bag where I placed it. I started panicking, thinking how I would reach home. Then I remembered the testimony where a sister lost a ring and prayed, and found it.

I got myself together and prayed, "God help me find my keys." I went to the place I parked my bike and started going to the direction I followed after I parked it. It didn't last a minute! I saw it right there on the ground, shining! I am so grateful Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Brother Linus from Mombasa, Kenya