Malawi Outreach

We’ve sent thousands of tracts around the world over the past couple months. The feedback on both the new tracts and the new website themessage.com has been tremendous, with questions from curious people coming in every day.

Brother Saidi, Malawi Office Manager, took a load of the new tracts, along with Message books, giant banners, speakers, and the most important thing: the prophet’s voice, to the field with him in his most recent missionary trip. Here is his report.

It always feels good to go out into the bushes for outreach; and such thirst would only be fully quenched when the people who have never heard the Voice Of God through His Prophet are given a privilege to hear His special Voice.

This anointed undertaking is in line with the president for Voice Of God Recordings, Brother Joseph Branham’s, burden to take the Message of the hour, preached by the Prophet of God, Brother William Branham, to the entire world. This desire is being echoed in the offices that have been established in various countries.

After a one month of prayer and preparation for an outreach tape-listening meeting, a date was tentatively set for 15 February. Being inside the rainy season in Malawi, we were not quite sure but we trusted God.

We prayed and waited upon Him for we knew not the future, but He who holds the day.

It was on Saturday morning; the Voice of God – Malawi office team started off into the bushes for the outreach meeting. Early in the morning, rains gracefully fell from the dark skies and we were not sure whether the roads would be accessible. With a healthy disregard for the impossible, Brother Malachi Saidi, a son to Brother Saidi, hired a public address system ready for the tape meeting. Brother Paul, a brother who helps at the office, packed our VGR banners and some few books and we were ready to go.

This was the first time that the Malawi Voice Of God office was embarking into such an endeavor and there was no hindsight to rear from. But we knew that with God, all things are possible.

We involved a local pastor for the area, and some of his team members to help us on some logistics.

It was a three hour drive to the venue. The road was muddy and slippery, but a salad of determination to go and play the Voice of God through His Prophet to people that have never heard it and faith propelled us through.

Finally we arrived at the venue for the meeting; Bros. Malachi and Paul connected the public address system and mounted the banners. The rains were still pouring. We didn’t want to be scared by symptoms, we went ahead to put it all together and behold the rains stopped as we began singing as if to pave way for our tape meeting, and people from around started trekking in. The banners were displayed strategically, and were a center of attraction.

After singing three choruses, the mood was set for the Voice Of God to be heard. It was a privilege for Brother Saidi to introduce the tape and invite Brother Branham to preach. A portion of a tape CHA61-1112 “A True Sign That's Overlooked” was played. It was very audible, the sound was going very far and it kept attracting people and the audience was increasing as the tape continued to play.

At the end, Brother Saidi invited the local pastor to make an altar call, and nine souls expressed desire to be baptized.

We immediately looked for a suitable place for the baptism, being in the rainy season, it was very easy to get a pool of water nearby. It was amazing to see what a tape can do and we were richly blessed. The Voice Of God through His Prophet Brother William Branham is still looking for the last one to come into the fold.

I trust this report will bless each one of you.

Thank you and God bless you.

Brother Saidi,

Voice of God Recordings Office, Malawi



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