Across The Radio Waves In Angola

There are radio programs broadcasting Brother Branham’s Message around the world. This is especially effective in Africa, where radio is a primary source of communication for a large percentage of the population.

The following is a recent report from Brother Kamalandua, VGR office manager in Luanda, Angola.

It’s with great joy and gratitude that I’m writing to you, reporting the feedback testimony coming from the service of the broadcasting of the sermons of the prophet through a local radio station in Luanda-Angola.

We’ve signed a contract with a local radio station through which the Voice of the Prophet is transmitted, from 21h00 all Saturdays for thirty minutes. The program is called The VOICE OF GOD.

In fact, the Lord Jesus Christ has His sheep, and these sheep hear His voice, as He himself said: my sheep hear my voice.

And as if nothing is happening, God is bringing together those sheep around their receivers at home or wherever they are to hear His voice. It was normal that we could expect brothers who already believe in the Message to call us after having heard a good sermon of the prophet, and we knew that sooner or later the unbelievers also would have to call. But, we give in fact glory to the Lord Jesus Christ because it really is happening.

We have received calls and sms (texts) from people who are not “Message believers” yet:

From a certain listener, we received the following sms: "I Really enjoyed being in your tune, Marcos …".

We also received calls from people encouraging us to continue with this program. And all of this is really rewarding, because we know that the work is not being done in vain and that has already brought fruits.

A certain brother in Christ told us that when The VOICE OF GOD program starts, he alerts all his colleagues from the university, including one of his professors with whom he already spoke about the Word previously. They all followed the program for the first time one Saturday and enjoyed it very much. They were very excited and said they have never heard something like this before. Then they have asked that if we could increase the listening time for more than thirty minutes as they found it to be so short.

The more gratifying call we received was a call of a certain lady who said the following: "Brothers, may God bless you so much. I hope that you will continue with the program, because this Word is very good. I always get my family to hear the prophet all Saturdays and I like to hear this Word." At first, we thought that she was just one of us, already a Message believer. Later, she stated that she was from Methodist church. Again, this same lady called us back again, after having heard the sermon on The REJECTED KING that we are currently transmitting, and she invited us to her home so that we could speak to her family about the Message. This lady had already heard about the Message through her daughter who believes, but never paid attention to It until one day God gave her the opportunity to listen to The VOICE OF GOD through the radio services. We are getting prepared to go and meet this lost sheep and bring it back to the flock, because the Master calls her.

We are deeply grateful to God, for these testimonies and more others certainly still will come because we know that the Lord is in this program. We know that when a deep calls, there must be somewhere another deepness to respond. We pray God to make this program a strong instrument in spreading the Message of God through His Prophet William Marrion Branham and get the lost sheep to listen to That VOICE and lead them back to the flock.

May God bless you!

Brother Fernando Kamalandua