Reading And Listening

The testimonies are endless of what the Lord has done for people while they were listening to the prophet or reading their Bibles. From answering questions on their hearts to receiving their healing, the Lord is doing a wonderful thing among the believers of today.

This sister from Malawi shared a couple recent things the Lord has recently done for her while she was either listening to or reading God’s Word.

I've been given answers before when listening to the tapes, but I thought to share these. Mum was sickly this day and listening to the message, “Look Away To Jesus.” At the end, as Brother Branham prays for the congregation, I had a burden for her and believed she will be fine. We went for a prayer meeting, came back, there she was singing her lungs out and on the piano!

In the first 52 minutes or so of the tape when he talked about Sis. Meda Branham, he said how she prayed for an answer from God by opening the Bible. I had burdens on my heart that needed answers. So I prayed and said, “Lord once you did it to Meda, Thou art Hebrews 13:8, do it to me if it be Thy will.” And without opening my eyes, I opened the Bible and there was my answer in Matthew 11:25-30 that says come to me who are heavy laden and I'll give you rest. Blessed be His name!

God bless you saints for sending us the Food that's in the storehouse! God bless you.

Manda sisters

Malawi, Africa

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