Do You Fear Cancer?

The Angel of the Lord told Brother Branham, “If you'll be sincere and will get the people to believe you, not even cancer shall stand before your prayer.”

That’s a bold statement considering that cancer has always been one of the most lethal and incurable sicknesses ever known to mankind. But what devil can stand before God’s Own Word?

Brother Branham’s theme song was “Only Believe, All Things Are Possible,” and his Message was “Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, And Today, and Forever.” If Jesus healed the sick 2,000 years ago, then He can, and will, heal the sick today. If they used prayer cloths in the time of Paul, then they will surely work today.

I'm thoroughly convinced that my message comes from God. I'm thoroughly convinced it's not my own fleshly mind puffed up. It's the Word of God.

I'm thoroughly convinced, absolutely convinced, that it's Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. I'm thoroughly convinced that He's right here now. I'm thoroughly convinced that He's camped in here. I'm thoroughly convinced that He will answer our prayer, if we'll be concerned, convinced, and open our lives to It. Let's bow our heads.

62-1125m Convinced And Then Concerned

Here is a testimony about a Kenyan sister who received some very serious news from the doctors. But she took God at His Word, and then God honored her faith. She followed up the original diagnosis with surgery, but as you might have guessed, the doctors found no sign of cancer. Once again, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

It was late in 2012 when one of the precious sisters requested for a prayer cloth for her aunt from the VGR office. On 11/12/2012 was the day when her aunt went for screening and received the shocking news that she might be having breast cancer. According to the doctors inference it was said to be a neoplastic lesion on the left side that was most likely malignant.

Upon hearing this, she decided to take inventory and pray for her. So she requested if she may be given a prayer cloth from the (VGR) office. She then took the piece of cloth opened the book of Acts 19:11, stuck it there, and began to pray just as the prophet used to do it.

Everything free. Just, you need a prayer cloth, keep it. If it isn't here tonight and you miss yours, you send. If you want one just to keep, you send in--put it on an Acts 19 in the Bible and when sickness strikes your home go pin it on your child if it's got the croup or whatever it is and then believe God with all your heart.

And it's absolutely yours free, no charges to nothing. And just want you to be helped of the Lord.

And if I never get to see you no more this side of glory, on the other side I hope that we set down by the evergreen tree, there by Christ the Fountain of, inexhaustible Fountain of Life and we shake one another's hands and have a thousand years with each other to talk it all over, over in the other world.

55-0612 The Presence Of The Lord Jesus

About two months later she decided to go for screening in one of the best hospitals in Kenya. According to the histopathology report, there was no malignancy or any invasive ductal carcinoma seen. She is doing fine now. May all the glory go to Him that deserves it, for He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Truly there is nothing that is hard for Him, not even cancer.

Brother Edwin