The Little Things

Let's say, "Praise be to the Lord Jesus Christ, Who giveth all good things to those who seek after Him. Blessed be the Name of the Lord."

51-0720 The Angel Of God

Whether it is big or small, ALL good things come from God. We received this testimony from a Kenyan sister who had a relatively small need, but we know that God answers the little things too.

We had gone out for wedding pictures at a hotel that had a large beautiful garden. After the session, a sister who had our car keys, passed them on to me, and that was the last I remembered about them. A couple of minutes later, we needed to leave and that is when we realized that we did not have the car keys.

We retraced our footsteps and searched all over the spot where we had been having the photo session, including in a small open car that had been used to ferry us to the parking lot. We divided ourselves into two parties and continued to search for the key. Eventually it got late and we decided to leave and come back early the next morning to continue with the search.

The following morning my husband woke up really early and headed for the hotel. He searched all over the garden where we had been taking pictures the previous evening, and all over the carriage car that had driven us to the parking lot, without any luck. Eventually he decided to just report to the reception and have them look for us and asked them to contact us once they got them. He didn't want to delay any further as it was a Sunday morning and we didn't want to miss church.

Somehow on his way out of the reception lounge, he desperately cried out in his heart, and asked, “Where is the God of Elijah and all of His miracles?” At that point he was a few meters from the carriage car and believe it or not, right there in the open, right on the seat where we had all searched and failed to find them, lay the keys. He was so happy to find them, and before leaving, he went back to the reception to testify to the hotel employees.

Truly the God of Elijah and all of His miracles still dwells with us. Sometimes, all He is waiting for is for us to trust Him enough and ask for what we desire of Him, and He is faithful to fulfill our needs.

May we always remember that He cares for us, even in the very little things of life, and wants us to involve Him in all areas of our lives, even the ones that seem trivial.

God bless you.

Sister from Kenya.