Do You Fear Cancer?

We received this testimony from a Brazilian sister, testifying of how the Lord healed her grandmother.

A couple of months ago, my grandmother received a call from the hospital to collect the results of a pap test to see if she had cancer, which was positive. When we heard the news, our heart was distressed, but at the same time with a great peace because we know the Great Physician, so we left all in His hands, always accepting His Will, knowing this is the best we can do!

We asked the prayers of our brothers who meet in a different location, and of our own church. We would be having prayer meeting in our church, hearing the message “On The Wings Of A Snow White Dove,” where Brother Branham prays for the needs of each one. And the instructions we received were that when Brother Branham prayed for some necessity, we would stop the tape and the brother or sister who had that necessity should approach the loudspeaker and put the hands upon it in order to pray for such necessity.

Brother Branham in this tape did not mention any disease like cancer, but we still continued believing. As soon as my dad told our pastor about this necessity, he gave him a prayer cloth and told him to tell my grandmother to put it where she had the cancer and pray as she knew (because she is not converted).

Some days later, my grandmother had an appointment with the doctor, because they had to make some exams to know how advanced the cancer was. When they gave her the results, they told her it was very advanced and needed surgery, and from there on, chemotherapy. So they sent her to the capital, because here where we live, there is not a specialized place to treat it.

Her appointment was on April 13 and 14 of this year. There they would schedule the surgery and begin her treatment, but the doctor ordered other tests to know the behavior of the cancer since the last appointment.

Well, what a surprise the doctor had, for the test showed no trace of the cancer!

Oh, praised be the Name of the Lord!

To Him be the Honor and Glory, He is so good!

Sister Sofia,