The Little Things

No matter how small, the Lord Jesus is always there to answer our prayers and we will always give Him our gratitude. We received this testimony from a sister in Canada who lost a key. She remembered a story Brother Branham often told and placed it into the hands of the Lord.

In the testimony "Little Things" the sister says we must always remember to give the Lord thanks for the answer to our prayers. May we never forget to give Him thanks.

My sister and I were taking care of our cousin’s two cats. Since it was a nice spring day, we decided to walk to our cousin’s house. So I went to the garage to get the key out of my car but it wasn't there. Then my sister reminded me that we had walked there yesterday also. She asked if I had returned the key to the car yesterday. I could not recall doing that so we searched our house for the key but couldn't find it. We committed the finding of the key to the Lord. (It's wise to commit everything to the Lord!)

Later that day, as I was looking out the window, I noticed a small white object on the grass. Upon closer investigation I discovered that it was the lost key tag, but no key!

My sister recalled seeing two young schoolboys looking at something in that area the day before. These boys pass our home to and from school every school day. So the next day I asked them if they had found a key. One replied that he had but the key was at home and he would get it at lunchtime.

Lunchtime came and went but no little boy and no key.

As they passed by after school, I asked about the key. This time the boy said he had made a mistake and it was his own house key. My, how the story had changed. After a few more questions regarding the key, I said, "I'll give you a reward if you do find it."

After the boys rode off on their bicycles, I remembered how Brother Branham prayed when someone had stolen Brother Evans’ car. That person had felt convicted and returned the car somewhere in Jeffersonville. So I prayed, "If the little boy does have the key, convict him so that he will return it."

I believe it was the next day that the doorbell rang and there on the doorstep was the little lad with his mother who had a key in her hand. She asked, "Is this your key?" I replied, "Yes!" She indicated that something had been bothering her son and he told her about finding the key. I thanked them and gave the boy his reward. As they departed, I said, "God bless you!"

When they had left, we thanked the Lord and gave Him praise for the answer to our simple prayer. To God be the glory always! Amen.

A sister in Canada