The Little Things

Sometimes it may seem impossible, but as believers, we know that all things are possible. We just need to believe.

This sister didn’t know how God would do it, but she believed that He would.

This testimony is in regards to my rings, which I lost. I work as a scrub/scout and we have to take off all jewelry when we are scrubbing. I took off my two rings and watch as usual and put them in my pocket. After work I was getting changed so I put my watch on as usual but before I put my rings on I got called back. That broke my usual routine because normally I would have proceeded to put my rings on. I forgot about it and presuming I had emptied all pockets. I took off my scrubs and put them in the dirty linen.

When I got home I was brushing my teeth when I remembered my rings. I ran to check in my bag and emptied everything on the couch and started searching. Deep down I knew they weren't there but I was just praying to God they would be. I knew where I had left them. All the linen would be sent off that night and the linen company washes linen from many hospitals. Essentially those same scrubs would probably go to another hospital after washing. There was simply no hope. They were gone.

I started crying and my husband was really sad for me. My engagement ring was lost. It was only a dolphin ring so all it had was sentimental value, nothing more. Whoever found it would probably throw it out. I climbed into bed and cried. Then I remembered... there was SOMEONE who could help me. I remembered all the lost ring testimonies (so many people losing rings and God finding them). I woke my husband and we prayed. Now that was done, it was all a matter of waiting. I COULDN'T WAIT TO SEE HOW GOD WAS GOING TO SOLVE THIS ONE (isn't He wonderful?)!

The next day I went to work. The locker room was all tidied up... no ring. Went to theater and started setting up. I told only one person before I went to have breakfast. After that I passed through the post anaesthetic care unit (PACU). As soon as I walked in, Racha, one of the girls in PACU said she had heard about my rings. She asked the porters to bring the linen bags from the previous night so she could look for another girl’s lost ring! Incredibly, she had found the ring, and she told me to return the scrubs into the linen bag so we could go through the other five bags full of linen together to look for my rings. As I picked up the first scrub top to put it back in the bag, one of my rings rolled out. I yelled and went into the pocket and found the other one. I nearly cried. It was all hugs and I blessed God! God had stopped the porters from sending the linen away that night! Racha said she had felt good when she woke up that day. I believe God used her to find my rings.

The Lord is so good. From the big things to the little things, He is everything to me. No matter how impossible the situation, He is an ever-present help in the time of need.

God bless you richly.

Sister Abigael