Tapeboys In Zimbabwe

One of the most useful tools in an African evangelist’s toolbox is a portable audio amplifier and speaker. The brothers use these speakers with a microphone to broadcast their voice in public areas, and then use them to play the prophet with a mobile player.

Brother Stephen Tutani, VGR employee in Harare Zimbabwe, wrote the following report about a portable amplifier we recently sent to a local evangelist.

Brother Augustine Chimuti took the portable speaker and went out with it about 380km out of town to a place called Zvimhonja. He’d stepped on a nail and had a bad foot, but that could not stop him from leaving for the work of the Lord. He normally uses his car, a Toyota Ipsum, to get there. This particular weekend he used that little car in the picture, owned by a brother who he left to look after that little church.

He went with the speaker and played, “The Seed of Discrepancy.” He was very excited to give it to the people. He told me that he told the people that this speaker was his and theirs was coming! He is planning to visit all the places he goes to with the portable speaker and play the Voice of the prophet. Bringing back the report he told me, “...That's all I need to do: Bring Elijah to the people because he was sent to them not me. I'm just a carrier.”

It blessed my heart. They had about 30 people there, and one brother and his wife had walked over 50km (15.5 miles) to come to the meeting. They had been rotating the venue for service and he didn’t know exactly where it was this time, but I hear he came in the vicinity, and from a distance he heard the tape playing and his amnesia left! Guess he recognized the Voice sent to him.

Will keep you updated we look to sent the other few speakers elsewhere, Lord willing.

God bless you,

Stephen Tutani