The Little Things

It is one of the most popular articles we publish on branham.org: The Little Things. Why do these short stories mean so much to us? Because every one of us goes through these situations on a regular basis. If we can ask the Lord for help with the big things, can’t we ask Him for help with the little things?

We received this testimony from a sister in Ghana, who misplaced a set of keys.

This morning I remember seeing our house keys on the dresser. I took them, then I got busy doing something else. When I was about to leave the house, I realized I had misplaced the keys somewhere in the house. I searched for them for close to an hour, looking in my bag, drawers, on the dining table, etc.; all possible places where I had left it because I couldn't remember where I placed them after I took them off the dresser.

After being frustrated, I asked the Lord to help me find my keys just like He did for the different believers whose testimonies I had read on VOGR page. I told Him I would share the testimony to prove that He cares about the little things in our lives. Immediately after praying this, I saw something shiny sticking out from under the bed covers. I shouted, “Thank you Lord!”

Thank you VOGR for continually blessing us with the Quote Of The Day and sharing such powerful testimonies.

God truly cares about me, even in the little things, and I am most grateful.

Sister Lisa,