It has been 17 months since our last report on the Lord’s work in Pakistan, and in that time, a lot has been accomplished. Thanks to the hard work of our staff of translators, and workers at the VGR office in Karachi, we now have 15 Message books, and five audio sermons in the native tongue of Urdu.

Through the summer months, Brother Shamoon and his staff have been busy distributing this precious cargo, by way of a newly purchased van.

In much of the same way as our Lord rode triumphantly into Jerusalem on the back of a little donkey, today the Word of the Lord has ridden into the villages and cities of Pakistan. In the past months the brothers have been on a mission to spread the Message throughout Karachi, Mahajar camp, and Faisalabad City.

Here is the testimony from Brother Shamoon, and how the Spoken Word of Malachi 4:5 is reaching the predestinated seed in Pakistan.

Brother Nadeem called me and told me, "I am a Message believing pastor in Lahore city, but I never seen the books of Brother Branham openly, until Voice of God Recordings started distribution of the books." Brother Nadeem went on to say, "I saw the books of Brother Branham in the vehicles, and in the hands of people in so many places. When I asked them, "Where did you get these books?" the people just said, "We are not sure, but we are so glad we have received these precious and blessed messages." Praise the Lord for this act of Holy Spirit in this Islamic country!

The Holy Spirit is laying the burden and burning desire in the hearts of believers to spread this end time Message of Brother William Branham. We have so much burden in our hearts to translate and record all the messages of Brother Branham in our native language. We are trying our best for the Message of the Hour, and our team is busy to do this achievement if our Lord tarries.

This July, the team set up a street meeting in a suburb of Karachi, called Mahajar Camp. There, for the first time, many were able to here the Voice of the prophet by way of the gapped tape.

After reading from the Bible, I shared with the congregation about the supernatural ministry of Brother Branham. They were greatly amazed when they heard about miracles and things done in the ministry of Brother Branham. Then I played a quote from, "The Mighty Conqueror." Then I told the people, "If you are needing anything, to stand up on your feet." Many people stood up on their feet and some were crying because there was too much presence of the Holy Spirit. When the tape finished I asked the people, "How many received their needs by the grace of God?" And many people were healed. One sister came to the front crying to share her testimony. She said, "I had been praying for the Holy Spirit since many years but I couldn't get it. But now I have got something, it is Holy Spirit and I am very glad and very thankful to God..."

A Message Pastor Witnessing

Pastor Yaqoob Khan told me what our Lord is doing in his area by the end time Gospel. He is going to rural areas and preaching the Message of the Hour. Sometimes he goes to their work place, where very poor people are working with their small children. Brother Khan told me, "I call to people and say 'I have good news for you.' Then they gather to one place for little time and I share with them about the end time Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Sometime I read the books of Brother Branham for them because they can’t read." He told me, "It’s great privilege for me, that God is using me for these people with the Message of the hour, and I am very grateful to Voice of God recordings for continually sending me books and CDs of Brother Branham." Praise the Lord! The Message is reaching in rural areas by the Grace of God. Amen!

We give thanks to God that the Message of the hour is reaching new people, those who never heard about the precious Message of life. Our team is greatly and highly appreciated to Brother Joseph Branham, Brother Billy Paul Branham, and all the saints that support this end time work for the their tireless efforts to spreading the ultimate truth of the age around the globe, and especially in Pakistan.

Brother Shamoon Yaqoob,

Voice of God Recordings – Pakistan

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