The Impact Of The Voice

If all our efforts, all the witnessing, preaching, testifying; if we can just help one person get closer to the Lord Jesus, then it will all be worthwhile.

Brother Rene Dupuis, with a burden on his heart, has caught the vision of how to witness and encourage Western people. Not only was he an encouragement to unknown number of people, but he also showed how Western people can be introduced to the Message of the Hour.

What an impact the Voice of Brother Branham has on people who never heard about the end time Message.

Last July, a huge burden came upon my heart to start a style of evangelisation that is still unknown in North America. For several weeks this inspiration was so intense on me that my thoughts were constantly fixed on this type of evangelization and the consequences that this way of evangelizing could have on people across the world if believers of this Message follow that inspiration and also begins to evangelize this way. It is using with the latest technologies that VGR has provided to us, the best tools to effectively and quickly spread the message. The burden that I believe that the Lord put on my heart is simply to play the Voice in public places such as parks and make available to people the VGR tracts; "themessage.com" without any solicitation. People are free to take a tract after been attracted by the Voice.

The first place we visited was Burlington, Vermont. The city is located three hours drive from my home. I ask a young brother from our church to come with me. To present The Voice, we use a small "evangelist kit. “On Saturday at 5 pm we were at "Battery Park" ready to fire, which means, "press play." Our artillery was composed of a cell phone with the VGR micro SD card containing all of Bro Branham’s messages, one Bluetooth speaker and a display for the VGR’s tracts. Our mission was: Play the Voice and provide an opportunity for people to get their own tracts.

First reactions from the people: they were a little embarrassed and did not dare to stop. Some passed near the sound source, and a few passed by two, three, and even four times. Some others stayed sitting on the benches on either side or on the long stone wall where the speaker was. And some stayed there for 30 minutes or more, but very few took a tract.

A man approached with his wife and told me, "Sir you’re doing a great work” and kindly went on saying, "Burlington needs that, all this city needs to hear things like that." And while he was thanking us, he took a tract. We listened now to, "A Personal Experience With God" 54-0724. A man who was sitting behind us for over 20 minutes came and told us, "I was solicited by many ministers, but I've never felt such energy from a preacher." Of course he happily took a tract. A municipal vehicle responsible for the maintenance of the park stopped at about 35 feet behind us. After a few minutes I noticed that the employee was sitting outside of his truck eating a sandwich, listening to Brother Branham. He stayed there for about half an hour.

Sunday at 5 pm we were once again at our duty in Battery Park. We started with "Be Certain Of God." Two Muslim women approached. They slowed down and stopped talking when a man came and joined them. A few minutes later the whole family came over behind us, stopped and listened for a moment. Several people were sitting on benches, 30 or 40 feet from the speaker and were still sitting there listening to most of the Message. We played the sermon "A Personal Experience With God" again, and a Pentecostal colored sister came on a bicycle and gave me her evangelism business card. I offered her to listen to the message with us. At the end of the message, Brother Branham was making a prayer line and discernment. So an elderly lady came forward saying out loud, "Never in my life I have heard something like that."

Then it seemed that this caused some things in the surrounding people; two young women also went ahead and said the same thing: “We’ve never heard something like that." This caused something of a small commotion at the end of the tapes; ladies who surrounded the speaker looked at the tracts one after another, took 3-4, each and left with the tracts. The impact of Voice had been felt. God did His work through the Voice. The Pentecost sister told us that in 34 years of Christian life, she had never heard anything like that, she also said, "I knew I was led by the Holy Spirit to come here today, but now I know that God sent you here in Burlington, and it was for me."

It touched our hearts to see this sister stand there crying and asking us to give her that Voice. She said, "I need this in my house, please give me the gift of this Voice." We gave her the tract "The Messenger" and promised to come back again and bring her CD's (The sister does not have Internet access).

A few weeks later my wife and I went back to deliver messages to the sister and go to "Battery Park" with her. Very few people were present. We listened to the message, "Sir We Would See Jesus." A Hispanic man in his 30’s came and sat on a bench near the sound source. At the end of the tape, Brother Branham asked the people to stand up and accept the Lord Jesus and the man stood up (he seems to be a little embarrassed because we are in a public place.) Brother Branham asked those who are standing to raise their hands and praise Him and the man, a little hesitant, raised his hands.

It is a great blessing for us to see the impact of the Voice over people who have absolutely no knowledge of this Message. It's too bad we only have very few photos or videos of this evangelism weekend, but however the conclusion of this experiment is that, even in North America where it seems to be so difficult to present the Word of God to the people, that Voice still attracts the attention of several people who thereby became receptive to what God has for them.

In this short two-day trip, several other significant things happened but the text is already long. What would have happened if we had tried to solicit these individuals by ourselves instead of leaving Brother Branham doing so? They were attracted by the Voice first, and then they were open to receive. All we have to do it is to give the people the opportunity to hear the Voice for themselves. THE IMPACT OF THE VOICE!

Brother Rene

Quebec, Canada