The Little Things

It happens to all of us: we misplace an important document or simply lose something we need at that moment. Instead of getting upset, it's worth our time to pause for a moment and ask Father to help. This sister put her faith into action and realized that He was with her every step of the way.

God bless you saints. I have a testimony to share of just how God cares about the little things or the big things that matter to us in life.

Recently I was going to the Immigration office to take my citizenship test. I had to take, amongst other documents, my passport. The requirements stipulated that if any documents were missing then I would have to rebook the test for another day. I did not want that inconvenience, so I made sure I had everything with me.

I got out of my car and walked to the office, where there was a long line ahead of me. I knew I had a waiting time of about two hours or so. As my number got closer, something told me to check my documents to make sure they were in order. Well, my passport was missing. I walked out of the office to retrace my footsteps, but I knew this was a big ask trying to find it in a bustling city after having walked there over 45 minutes ago.

I decided to walk back to my car to check if I had left it in there. I got to my car, and as I looked inside, I saw nothing. I felt frustration coming over me, but I quickly stopped myself and I said God, "Please show me where it is, I will be calm." Just in that instance, I felt led to look up to my windscreen, and there it was on the outside of my windscreen held down by one of my window wipers. I could not believe my eyes, and I just gave God the glory with tears in my eyes. Better yet I got back in time and in the end, my estimated waiting time was only an hour as opposed to two hours.

He is the ever-present help in times of need. Nothing is ever too small for Him. He can answer prayer today, this very minute, or in ten years. Whichever way, He is always on time.

Blessed be His Holy Name!

Your sister in Christ,