Zambia Distribution

The Voice of God Recordings Zambia team recently traveled to the north of the country, into a predominantly Bemba-speaking province called Luapula. Consisting of 11 towns and a population of around 1.2 million, the province is largely isolated from the commercial world, but as you will read, it is certainly not isolated from the Message of the hour.

The following is a report from Brother Maurice Phiri, office manager in Lusaka.

Luapula Province Trip Report

We are humbled by the daily prayers, financial support, and help that we receive from Voice Of God Recordings in Jeffersonville every day. We know that trips like this would not be possible, if it were not for the faithful believers who contribute their prayers and support to make our efforts possible. With every mile we drive and every SD card we give to each family, your names are attached to them. May God bless you and may you enjoy our report.

The mouth of the province lies at about 362 miles from Lusaka, all the way to the northernmost tip of Zambia, all the while bordering the Democratic Republic of Congo on the western side, separated only by the great Luapula River.

On Thursday, 17th January 2019, the team set off very early for Luapula Province. Our first stop was at Samfya town, located about 440 miles away from Lusaka on the shores of a very beautiful, natural and picturesque Lake Bangweulu. This trip took a total of about 10 hours and the roads were in good condition.

We would go on to visit Mansa, Chembe, Kawambwa and Nchelenge before returning to Lusaka.


The mission of this trip was to meet the saints of Luapula and give them the Message by SD card distribution. These cards contained Bemba translations, so the saints would hear the Word from the Lord in their language.

The saints would also be informed about the purpose of VGR, the current work being done such as distribution of the Voice, translations, as well as projects such as the Agapao Tablet project.

The VGR team would note and appreciate the hardships faced by believers in those areas in accessing the Message.


We kick started our work on Saturday 19th January in the morning at Samfya Tabernacle. Ministers and believers from other congregations came to be with us as well.

After a brief presentation by Bro. Maurice, a Tape in Bemba, 62-1231 "The Contest", was played to the saints during which the Presence of the Lord filled the building. Shortly into the tape, there was loss of electricity in the town, but the tape played on from Bro. Maurice’s laptop. It didn’t take long; power was restored, the PA system was reconnected and the saints continued in prayer and worship.

After the tape service, a total of 159 families were overjoyed to receive an SD card. What a blessing to see their reactions as they received messages in their own language! Not wasting any time, we said our goodbye’s and set off for Mansa, 50 miles west that afternoon.



The saints at Mansa gathered on Sunday, 20th at Mansa Tabernacle. The pastor welcomed us warmly and gave the service to VGR.

Brother Maurice gave a brief presentation, echoing to the saints our mission in the province as well as the burden of Brother Branham for the Word to reach them.

We also introduced our Quiet Time meetings and other activities that promote fellowship amongst the young people.

After the quick presentation, the Bemba translation of 63-0120M "The Voice Of God In This Last Days" was played for the congregation and the saints followed attentively, after which SD cards were distributed to all families represented at the meeting.

Believers from other congregations also attended the meeting and went away with the Message playing in their phones. This was truly a brilliant thing for us to see, as they rejoiced, happily listening to the words of Brother Branham on their personal phone or device, and knowing how easily accessible it would be to them in the future. A total of 303 SD cards were given to all families represented at the meeting.

Later that afternoon, Bro. Maurice addressed the youth leaders and the young people represented with them, speaking to them about Young Foundations and encouraging them to establish a regular Quiet Time as a congregation. Afterwards, each one quickly found their own space for our Quiet Time, which was followed by a wonderful time of worship and prayer together and quiet before our Heavenly Father. A late afternoon snack was also provided to each one present at the meeting, and we were once again blessed to see such unity and fellowship among the young people.



The next day a hall was hired at a local guest house for the meeting. Ministers and brethren from other congregations, near and far, came through to hear what VGR had for them.

Chembe is a border town that provides a quicker access for Zambian residents to travel in between Copperbelt and Luapula provinces through the Congo. It is situated about 56 miles south of Mansa.

After a warm welcome and introduction, Bro. Maurice shared with the saints the same message as delivered at Samfya and Mansa.

The saints were overjoyed and appreciated the love that Bro. Joseph and the Voice Of God Recordings have for them.

A total of 245 SD cards were given to all families represented at the meeting.

The pastor of Light Tabernacle was so happy and accommodating that he desired for us to stay longer and continue fellowship, and we were more than happy to visit and fellowship with him and the saints in this remote region of our country.



Still feeling blessed by a wonderful trip so far, we set off for Kawambwa next morning. We had never been to this province before, so we were quite dependent on prayers and navigation apps to get around. We took the shortest route through a country town called Chipili which was 107 miles long.

The first half of this road was paved, however, the other 56 miles was off-road which we did not know, and it punished our pickup truck and challenged our driving skills almost every mile. Several times the mud proved too much to handle, as we did not have a four-wheel-drive truck. However, by the grace of God we made it to our destination safely.

We took advantage of the saints meeting together for their mid-week service on Wednesday evening, and met them at a local elementary school.

A brief presentation was given, and we happily gave a total of 22 SD cards to all the families represented at the meeting.

The minister and congregation were overjoyed and humbled at the love and sacrifice that we brought from VGR, and they were so impressed that we continue to send material into these faraway lands.



Located on the shores of Lake Mweru, Nchelenge is about 56 miles away from Kawambwa. This was the furthest point in our tour of the province.

While ministers and evangelists have started the work of spreading the Gospel further into Mununga, Chiyengi and Kaputa districts, road access to those places with our 2WD pickup was not too good. Perhaps next time in a four-wheel-drive, or when the conditions would permit, we would love to visit here again. Nchelenge is very sandy and the conditions would not permit us to get to where the saints meet in several of the locations we wanted to go.

Despite our setback, during the next couple of days, we would meet the ministers in the area to finalize details of the meeting. The ministers agreed to meet at a local church for a joint service.

That Sunday, we proceeded to the meeting place where we found the local saints gathered, waiting for other visiting brethren and ministers. It was a great moment of fellowship with the Saints, who were so happy and positively received our VGR presentation.

With several testimonies of how the Message is spreading in deep villages and hard to reach places, the ministers appreciated this effort by VGR to bring them together for nothing but sharing of the precious Voice of these last days.

A total of 133 families represented at the meeting received an SD card and went away happy and rejoicing at the blessings that the Lord had bestowed upon us all!



After a total of 740 miles since we left home, our assignment had come to an end and it was time to return to Lusaka.

We would this time descend through Mwense, into Mansa and on through the border at Chembe to Mufulira on the Copperbelt.

Our return trip was cut short to around 530 miles.

We wish to thank Bro. Joseph, entire team in Jeffersonville, and all those who support this great work for the opportunity granted to us in order to serve this part of the country for the first time in our lives.

The Voice was not only played to the people, but given to them to hear every day. The ministers whom we met were overjoyed, and saints equally as happy to hear what God is doing around the world by this precious end-time Message.

We return to our posts of duty with a sense of renewed vigor and energy to serve the Lord through our work here, knowing that the Saints out there not only depend on it, but are eagerly waiting for more translations. We are resolved to go a step further, work a little harder and more efficient to seeing that the vision of our prophet concerning Africa (Zambia) is fulfilled.

Thank you and God bless,

Zambia Office