DRC Tapeboys

Last fall we posted an update on a group of Tapeboys slipping into villages that few would ever dare to venture. They are back in the jungles of DRC (Democratic Republic Of Congo), and much like the apostles of the first century, they are encouraging newly established churches to stand strong in the Faith.

In their latest update, the brothers made good on a promise, traveling even farther into the bush, having tape meetings, and doing their part in God’s Great Machine.

In the afternoon, we left for Kibangu at Basuku (See the previous missionary journey published at the VGR site). At Kibangu, we had a tape service assisted by Brother Isaac, a young brother who interpreted Brother Branham of English-French in Kisuku (one of the local dialect languages of the area). There we played the tape, “Be Certain of God,” translated into Lingala.

From there we made our way back from Kibangu to Nzombi, braving the forest. We had driven all night to arrive early in the morning. Four hours of motorcycle, driving in total darkness.

On Wednesday, we continued transferring the audio sermons into the SD cards of the brothers. In the afternoon we prepared for the tape service in church to listen to the remaining portion of the sermon preached by Brother Branham, "Trying To Do God A Service Without It Being The Will Of God" 65-0718M, translated in Lingala.

On Thursday, we left Nzombi for Mbamba in order to visit a family newly converted through the tape ministry during our last trip. We took a break at the village of Bibamba and spent the night there. After regaining our strength, we then continued the journey to arrive at Mbamba. This time we used the canoe and our motorcycle.

This family was present during the tape service and received brochures (Message books) on our first visit. It is a family of four children, one brother and his wife. The change in the life of this brother brought such a strong testimony, to the point that a backslidden brother returned to the Lord.

We communed around the Word and encouraged them to stay with this Message. We also promised them, if it's God's Will, we will come back with a radio player and microSD cards on our next visit.

Our desire and the reason of our trip there was to go and visit those precious souls who are so thirsty for this Message, and encourage them as they are just newly converted. We took 30 minutes by dugout canoe on the river, and one hour by motorbike using another way to return to Nzombi. We made another stop at Bibambe and Kipemba, where we had already established two tape fellowships and distributed radios along with SD cards during our previous trips.

Bibamba has many thieves, but when the Voice entered this village, the traditional chief testified that there was a change. It really affected many young people who got delivered from those kinds of activities. A peace has settled in among the people. From there we returned late in the night to Nzombi.

On Saturday morning, we went on transferring audio sermons of Brother Branham in the telephones of the brothers, and we had testimony in Nzombi during our evening meal. The brother was listening to the Voice at his phone. He fell asleep and the tape kept playing, as he was so tired. After his sleep, he woke up. As the tape continued to play. He checked the battery and the mobile phone indicated 100% full battery. He was amazed because in the past when he played the profane music, his battery went out of charge. But to see the voice of the prophet playing for hours, without losing its charge, was a supernatural thing to him.

On Saturday night, we had projected the films, Deep Calleth Unto The Deep and The Chicago Campaigns translated into Lingala. It was an open air viewing, and they watched the film through the small screen of the laptop connected to the half-miler, which was used as a speaker.

To introduce the 20th Century Prophet, I began by showing a brief video testimony of T.L. Osborn about Brother Branham, as many in Congo also know that great evangelist. This was to captivate their attention to what was coming, as so many here were Pentecostal members, all around too. Then I told them, "You're now going to see the one Tommy Osborn was talking about, and then we immediately started showing the video of the 20th Century Prophet. It was Brother William Marrion Branham who introduced himself to them, and they rejoiced with, “Amens!” In the end, everyone stood up and what an atmosphere! For some it was the very first time to see the image of the prophet of the 20th century, William Marrion Branham.

God bless you,

Popaul Bute