The Little Things

Only Believe, ALL things are possible, Only Believe...

I would like to share a little testimony that happened almost one month ago here at home. My son Gabriel is four years old, and was asking me to buy him a kid’s electric car. He already had one that I had bought 2 years ago, but it was not operational for more than one year. I brought it to my garage to dust it off, and in efforts to make him forget the car. With that I would be able to tell him that these toys only last for a little while and break after a short time.

Arriving at the garage, Gabriel's face changed (with joy) when he saw the car there. This hurt me inside when I saw him get excited knowing it wouldn't work.  I told him I would not send it for repair, but if he wanted to have the car running, he should pray for Jesus to repair it. Two technicians had tried previously to fix this car, but without success. So I no longer believed that it could be fixed.

As soon as I said to Gabriel pray, I went up to the top floor, and noticed that he was on his knees with his hands on the car. I did not hear what he said in his prayer, but the Lord Jesus Christ heard his prayer! About 3 hours later I went down to see Gabriel , and when I pressed the throttle the car began working!

This is Hebrews 13:8! How wonderful are the little things He takes care of in our lives. I can say that it reflects this VOICE we hear daily.

God bless you,

Brother Gideão, Brazil