Only Believe

We received this testimony from a sister in Mexico.

To the Bride of Christ around the world.

I greet you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today I want to share this testimony to encourage my brothers and sisters to be certain that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is on the tapes of our beloved Prophet William Marrion Branham.

Only believe all things are possible.

My name is Gladys V. Torres de Pérez. I live in Uruapan, Michoacán Mexico. About five months ago I started having back pain and shortness of breath, and had wheezing in my chest and excessive exhaustion. At the end of December, it started what seemed like a common flu. It came and went three times in short periods of time. We visited the doctor and he gave me a treatment that should have worked all three times, but my lungs were getting much worse.

On January 9th a struggle for breath began. I went back to the doctor, and the doctor said it was bronchitis. He gave me the proper treatment and recommended total rest. He said, "In five days you will be fine. If you don't get better, come again."

But I didn't get better, I was worse. I quickly started having a very high fever and a pain in my chest so strong that it radiated to my left arm, causing shaking and excessive sweating. For several days it seemed not to diminish. I went again to a doctor who treated me for pneumonia. In the midst of despair, I knew that for God, nothing is impossible.

I opened the LifeLine App (which I have configured in the English language). A picture of the inside of a truck immediately caught my attention. It's called "Never Ceases to Amaze." In this testimony, it is related to how a decaying truck was repaired by playing a CD of a sermon of the prophet entitled, BE CERTAIN OF GOD. I rejoiced and marveled to see that God is still working wonders if we have enough faith. I cried out and said, “Lord, if you could fix a truck just by playing a recording of Your Word, I know You can restore my bronchial tubes and lungs."

I played the sermon "Be Certain Of God" and placed the device on my chest. A few minutes went by, and suddenly I got a bad cough. I began to cough up transparent, very viscous water. It lasted for three days. I could feel how, little by little, my lungs were renewed. Today, Saturday, February 1, 2020, when I woke up, I took a deep breath and thanked God for giving me new lungs. Glory to God.

Brothers and Sisters, be not afraid, do not despair. The only One worthy of being called Faithful sustains us. We have in our midst the quickening Power, waiting to be claimed by His children.

God bless you

Your Sister in Christ

Gladys de Perez