Tanzania Quiet Time

What is it about so-called Quiet Time that means so much to the Bride of Christ? How could the simple act of quietly relaxing under the shade of a tree or in your special chair at home make such a difference in our lives? What the world does not see is that our Lord Jesus is communing with His children, while they are taking a few moments and devoting that time to Him. It is a moment of time that could not be purchased with all the riches of the world.

Recently, we hosted the first YF Quiet Time in the East African country of Tanzania. It was an opportunity for the youth to enjoy fellowship with believers from other churches, where they enjoyed activities and games together. They sang, they worshipped, and most of all, they spent a moment of time communing with their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

In all, 12 different churches and 250 young people attended. The chaperones and pastors were waiting for the youth early in the morning at the bus station, where they had 10 rented buses ready to take them to the Dar Es Salaam Zoo Park. They started with tours of the zoo, where the youth were able to see many of God’s creations that they would rarely have the opportunity to see. They loved the zoo, but the best was still yet to come!

The group gathered under the shade trees, where a tent and chairs had been arranged. Brother Chidahe, the coordinator, led the group in both Swahili and English songs, and then invited VGR Distributor, Brother Mbise, to continue.

Brother Mbise greeting the group on behalf of Brother Joseph and VGR, said a few words of encouragement, and then played the prophet’s sermon, “A Total Deliverance.” After the tape, the youth went their ways to have their individual time of Communion with the Lord Jesus. Here are Brother Mbise’s words about Quiet Time.

A silence with spiritual inspired atmosphere fell over the whole area, giving the youth a complete separation from the outside world. They took their time and freedom in prayers with a few reading a Message book or Bible. It was a momentous time! One could imagine a Voice singing, “Come and touch the Lord as He passes by…” This was indeed a time of individual communion and fellowship with God!

Afterward, after a few words from some of the brothers, we fed them lunch and then had a wonderful time of fellowship with activities, games, and later on, singing and worship around the bonfire.

The meeting was closed by a word of prayer and youth, full of joy, got into their hired buses to be taken back to their destinations. The one burning question on the hearts of them all was, “When is our next YF QT going to be held?” We thank the Lord for such a day He gave our youth to fellowship and give them a closer step to Him. The objectives of the special day were met. We give the Glory to our Lord Jesus. One testimony: We discovered that after departing that the nice, cool, fresh atmosphere the campers enjoyed was limited to only the Dar Zoo Park area! The rest of the city experienced heavy rains almost the whole day. What a protection from the Lord Jesus and His presence.

VGR Manager

Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam

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