Who Healeth All Thy Diseases

We received the following testimony from a Canadian sister, who is a witness that God still heals all thy diseases.


For a long time I had been feeling very tired. I had to lay down four to five times a day to get enough energy to continue with my daily routine. I did not think to go to the doctor for a checkup; I thought it was an old-age thing. This went on for almost a year; I was struggling just to keep going.

One Sunday morning I woke up with a bad headache, so I took what I thought was a Tylenol pill, and then I looked at the bottle. It was the wrong pill. This one would put me out for the rest of the day. I told my son (with whom I live) what happened. He took me to the hospital to see the doctor.

The first thing they did was take four blood samples. I had to wait while the head of the lab personally checked the blood, then he had a discussion with the doctor. During this time, I did not understand why they had taken so much blood, and I was ready to go home. The doctor then came to tell me some bad news: I had Progressive-Lymphocytic Leukemia. They sent me home, but I had to come back the next day for another blood test. They took four more samples, which they sent to the city hospital to a specialist in this type of sickness. They told me it would take a few days for the results to come back. I was able to go home to wait for the outcome.

When I arrived home, I laid down, and since I always listen to tapes while lying in bed, I pressed play. Brother Branham said he wanted to read a portion of Psalm 103, so he read the first five verses. One sentence touched my heart, "Who healeth all thy diseases."

I shut the tape off as I was very tired, and I promised myself to listen to the message in the morning. When I woke up early in the morning I backed up on the message, then pressed play. To my surprise Brother Branham did read the Bible, but it was a different scripture. Then I understood Brother Branham read Psalm 103 just for me, to let me know God had healed me. I accepted my healing, and thanked the Lord Jesus Christ for healing me. This happened six years ago; I am 88 now and healthy.

When my oldest son heard what happened he took his Bible, opened it randomly and started reading. He came to the part about the woman with the blood issue who our Lord Jesus healed. I told him that for me this was a confirmation to what Brother Branham read. My son believed this and so do my other children.

I thank our Lord Jesus Christ for sending our prophet Brother Branham with a glorious Message, and for Brother Joseph to keep reminding us how important it is to listen. I thank Brother Joseph for telling us about making our homes a tapehome, this I believe was the Lord's doing.

Sister Elizabeth,